VP Biden Largely Substantiates PropertyPak's Analysis on YPG, Turkey, Syria, Russia

These statements by VP Biden largely substantiate my post of August 23, 2016: "Global-Risk Management: Distorted Geopolitical Analysis by Fort Russ News Editorial Team on US-YPG Connection."

The Obama administration is sending a strong signal to the world that it does not back the YPG's ideological positions but is rather only using the YPG to fight IS.

In saying what he did, Biden made clear that official US policy is to keep the YPG from fomenting direct US-Russian fighting in the area. The YPG must be called back from hitting Assad's forces, not just that the US is appeasing Erdogan. By not being able to engage Assad, the YPG won't be able to cause the US to protect the YPG against Assad's forces backed by Russian air power.

Of course, the YPG does not take marching orders from the US and will do what it wants with or without the US.

What the US will have to do is back the YPG only in its direct anti-IS fighting. The US will have to stay far enough back so that when the YPG fights the Syrian military, US advisors and ground forces will not be hit by the Syrian military or the Russians.

It is highly likely, however, that Putin would not send Russian planes to attack the YPG.

This does not give Erdogan a free hand. Erdogan has the juggling of a lifetime on his hands, a situation he brought upon himself. He should have made peace with the Kurds long ago. He should have worked with Assad against al Qaeda right from the get go. It's still not too late, but he's not very bright.

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