We at Hill & Usher are not attorneys, physicians, or accountants, per se. We do not practice law, medicine, or provide accountancy services. We do discuss, write about, and publish on such matters pertaining to insurance, risk management, and the like.

However, we recommend that you always consult licensed, practicing professionals in their areas of expertise and that you do not rely upon Hill & Usher or any of its divisions or producers or staff (hereafter Hill & Usher) for such information.

It is true that often, insurance agents know more about insurance law and accounting and medical insurance than many if not most lawyers, accountants, and medical practitioners who do not specialize in such particular areas of coverage.

In no case, however, should you construe any statement by Hill & Usher as suggesting that Hill & Usher proposed that you look no further concerning legal, medical, or accountancy advice even pertaining directly to insurance and even where Hill & Usher has some level of experience and expertise. On the contrary, we definitely say to seek such legal, medical, accountancy, and other applicable professional, expert advice.