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Sarah Wynn thought she was safe.Apartment Security for Renters | AOL Real Estate

The 27-year-old lived in a rental apartment in a bustling, low-crime section of Chicago. She was careful to keep her doors locked at night and her eyes open for suspicious activity in the neighborhood. It wasn't enough. After leaving for work one morning, a thief walked right into Wynn's apartment and snagged her laptop, jewelry, perfume and her roommate's camera. "I didn't think to lock the door behind me because my roommate was still there asleep," she says. "It's absolutely crazy to me that I got robbed while someone was in the apartment."

Apartments are prime targets for burglaries, whether someone is at home or not. They are 85 percent more likely to get burgled than single-family homes, according to the National Crime Prevention Council. But to avoid being a victim, there are some steps you can take to make your rental apartment more secure.

Know your neighborhood


...renters also should take proactive steps to ensure that their apartment is burglar-proof.


...invest in a portable alarms like those offered through Simplisafe or LaserShield Systems, as well as magnetic contact alarms that attach to doors and windows.

..."When they're out of town, people leave really obvious signs that basically invite burglars in."


...we're always paid up on renter's insurance," Wynn says. "It's sad that we had to get robbed to be aware that this could happen to us, but now we're so much more careful."

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