Landlord Risk Management: Screening Reports - Accuracy, the FCRA and You!

It may be counter-intuitive, but the only way to assure maximum possible accuracy is to involve humans in the process. The skills of a trained researcher are needed to conduct additional searches - warranted by aliases and additional addresses - and to do what it takes to confirm that records returned are accurately associated with the consumer in question.

A failure to search aliases and additional addresses (jurisdictions) will result in underreporting by approximately one third - a bad deal for landlords, employers, residents and the community. A failure to do the additional work necessary to positively match records to the individual is obviously harmful to those unlucky souls who share a name and date of birth with a convicted felon or dubious tenant.

via Screening Reports - Accuracy, the FCRA and You!.

There are liability issues here. Failure to exercise proper due-diligence and to follow applicable legal requirements could result in costly litigation. As a landlord, be sure you also have adequate insurance coverage. Start right now here on PropertyPak.

We also recommend that you require a Certificate of Insurance from your screening firm(s). If possible, always do that before hiring. As a landlord, do you also require that you be named as an Additional Insured on the screening firm's policy or that the policy adequately defines your interest as an insured without naming you directly?

Make sure your contract with the screener spells out your required insurance details. Sometimes, you can't get the exact arrangement you'd most like and for reasons that are beyond the control of the screening company, insurance agent/agency, or even carrier; but, it pays to get the best insurance arrangement available.

Is your insurance agent or agency looking out enough for what's in your best interest?