Study: Green homes sell for 9% more in CA #realestate @wendykoch

This is important for landlords to know because even regardless of views concerning Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), tenants and landlords often pay various utility bills that over the life of a lease or ownership may more than eat up the difference between a lower rent or purchase price for a non- or less-green property versus higher for greener.

Tenants and landlords should also consider the costs/benefits of retrofitting already leased and purchased properties.

Green-certified homes sell for 9% more than regular homes in California and their premium is highest in the hottest and most eco-minded areas, says a report today.
The study finds the premium is also highest in the hottest places, suggesting buyers value green labels for the pragmatic reason of lower utility bills.
In Seattle, they sold for 8.5% more per square foot and were on the market 22% less time from September 2007 to December 2009, according to Seattle-based GreenWorks Realty. In the Portland, Ore., metro area, they sold for 12% more from May 2008 to April 2009, reports the Portland-based non-profit Earth Advantage Institute.

Wendy Koch

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