Foreclosures, Multi-family, China, Outsourcing, Bubbles, Euro, Office v. Internet, Retail

Real estate quick-links:

  1. There are many more foreclosures to come if sufficient steps aren't taken
  2. Multi-family could end up being overbuilt in a number of markets, but it will be quite a while at current rates
  3. China has been hitting the skids for many months now
  4. US automated manufacturing is on the rise and sucking jobs away from emerging markets for a number of products (higher-tech for now)
  5. There are real estate bubbles in a number of countries yet to burst
  6. The Euro Zone is still very much in crisis mode
  7. Office space is subject to the Internet
  8. Retail: If Wal-Mart gets its way, it could improve bricks and mortar retailers and hence that real estate sector