Twitter Digest #realestate: October 7, 2012

  1. PropertyPak's Property News is out!

  2. RT @IdahoDOI: RT @IdahoDOI: The High Price of ‘Forced’ Insurance

  3. RT @CoyDavidsonCRE: RT @CoyDavidsonCRE: The #CRE Market Cycle –

  4. RT @rentalchoice: RT @rentalchoice: Where the Single-Family Rental Market Is Heading: Capital Economics

  5. RT @REALTORS: RT @REALTORS: Voices of RE: Reforming the Secondary Mortgage Market

  6. RT @Kremydas: RT @Kremydas: Judicial states slowing pace of foreclosures hitting the market #SCREALTORS

  7. Recent Change: Prices Rise, Mostly for Least-Expensive Homes

  8. PropertyPak's Property News is out! ▸ Top stories today via @briancoester

  9. Subprime Gains 30% as Goldman, Cerberus Target Market

  10. Moral Hazard: Foreclosure Crisis by Bubble Fever, Not Data Lack?

  11. RT @theanalyst_hk: RT @theanalyst_hk: Federal Reserve’s balance sheet is not expanding (yet) $macro $USDOLLAR $$

  12. Devil in Housing-Report Details: Case-Shiller v. NAR

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