Twitter Digest #realestate: November 11, 2012

  1. PropertyPak's Property News is out!

  2. PropertyPak's Property News is out!

  3. RT @rentalchoice: Handling a Tenant Eviction - - A great contribution to the Rental Choice blog by @MKAsset

  4. 4th Quarter 2012 Macroeconomic Forecast, Philadelphia Fed

  5. Should You Invest in Foreclosures Right Now?

  6. Because of the election, Dodd-Frank, CFPB here to stay, good or bad?

  7. RT @NickMalkoutzis: #IMF warns austerity may become "politically and socially untenable" in some countries

  8. QE and the US rental market | FT Alphaville

  9. PropertyPak's Property News is out!

  10. Report: Population of Multifamily Renters Expected to Grow

  11. RT @mortgagereports: For FHA borrowers with no credit history or bad credit history, a quick little Q&A

  12. "Get Social Security credits from rentals?"

  13. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac healthy profit, housing trends improve, will not tap Treasury for more support

  14. "Right away, housing challenges for Obama: 'Fiscal cliff' negotiations may include homeowner tax breaks"