US Retirees Real-Estate Investing

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US Retirees Real-Estate InvestingIn the United States, the leading edge of the baby boomers just began to turn sixty[,] two years ago. Baby boomers are the wealthiest demographic segment in human history and there are about 75 million in the U.S. —currently representing about 27 percent of the U.S. population. If we accept that baby boomers will increasingly shift to less risky investments and that real estate is a low-risk, high-performing asset class, then the level of real estate investment will most likely continue to increase for the next two decades.

People tend to shy away from things that crashed during their lifetimes. Also, real estate has become considerably more competitive due to all of the huge all-cash, bulk buyers who’ve entered the market. Those things said though, those retirees who don’t shy away and who know that the days of all-cash, cheap, bulk buys will end, will be in a great investment position, especially if they intend to stay active and to do management and even some maintenance themselves.

Read the whole article. It has a number of interesting demographic graphs (opens in a new tab so you may easily comment here): Demographics and Real Estate Demand.