Apartment Landlord Bans Marijuana, Sort Of

As state laws change around the country concerning marijuana usage, including for what is called medical-marijuana, it will behoove resident and multi-family landlords and managers to stay abreast of how the courts interpret those laws and seek to have them enforced.

Pursuant to that advice, here’s an interesting article from the State of Washington, where marijuana laws were recently altered but the dust is yet far from settled. In fact, it appears to just be stirring up.

A tidbit:

Alexander Aversano taking marijuana tincture

A Mercer Island landlord is trying to ban marijuana in a tony apartment building, raising questions about what’s allowed under Washington’s medical-marijuana law and new legal-pot law.
At least one tenant, medical-marijuana patient Alex Aversano — who uses a liquid form of pot for pain relief — balked. That’s led the company to backpedal. On Thursday, Abode said its intention is to ban smoking of any substances. …. A company spokeswoman left the matter of liquid or edible marijuana cloudy.

It will be interesting to see what our insurance carriers do concerning all of this. Smoking is a subject of insurance policies, so stay tuned.

Read the whole article (opens in a new tab so you may easily comment here): Mercer Island landlord tries to ban pot in apartment building | Local News | The Seattle Times.