Wall Street Returns to Property CDOS

Wow! This is commercial. Do your due-diligence. How are these structured? How well-examined are the borrowers? It's certainly far from hands-on property ownership and management. Reputation and trust, have they earned it back?

Wall Street Returns to Property CDOSWhat’s old is new again on Wall Street as banks tap into soaring demand for commercial real estate debt by selling collateralized debt obligations, securities not seen since the last boom.

Sales of CDOs linked to everything from hotels to offices and shopping malls are poised to climb to as much as $10 billion this year, about 10 times the level of 2012, according to Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc. (RBS) Lenders including Redwood Trust Inc. are offering the deals for the first time since transactions ground to a halt when skyrocketing residential loan defaults triggered a seizure across credit markets in 2008.

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