GEN Y: Home Ownership, Not

The single-family v. other residential real estate (including “commercial” multi-family) seems to be in a continuing publishers’-war over surveys finding one way or the other about how young Americans view homeownership. Here’s yet another take, this one from the Pew Research Center, no slouches when it comes to, well, research and interpreting survey data, etc., not that the other entities in this “war” are slouches either.

GEN Y: Home Ownership, NotIn “Young Adults After The Recession: Fewer Homes, Fewer Cars, Less Debt,” the Pew researchers suggest that the economy isn’t the only factor in these Americans’ choices about homeownership and other financial and life milestones. “These shifts in the debt profile of younger adults reflect a broader societal shift toward delayed marriage and household formation that has been underway for decades.”

via GEN Y – Home Ownership Isn’t Primary Objective | eLoan Rates.

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