Gold v. Real Estate: Where HNI's Invest

The global economy is in a state of flux, but the following appears to be a somewhat stable trend concerning High Net-Worth Individuals (USD $30M+) over the midterm:

Gold v. Real Estate: Where HNI's Invest...a Wealth Report by global consultancy firm Knight Frank suggests that private investors are turning away from the low returns offered on triple-A government bonds and low-interest-bearing cash in the bank to investing in prime real estate in key markets as they promise better returns on investment and are now considered as the most ideal safe haven market.

On studying the attitudes of wealth advisors and private bankers, the survey found that property accounted for the largest share of high net worth individuals’ (HNIs’) investment portfolio, averaging 22 percent globally, while gold stood at 18 percent. Equities, meanwhile, made up 15 percent of the portfolio.

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