China’s Brave New World: Jones Lang LaSalle’s Take

According to a recent article on the Asia Pacific Real Estate Blog of Jones Lang LaSalle, “Michael Klibaner is the Head of Research for Jones Lang LaSalle in Greater China, based in Hong Kong.” He writes the following concerning China’s real estate market:China’s Brave New World: Jones Lang LaSalle's Take

China is a big place. It is possible to find anecdotal evidence of virtually any point you want to make. Every quarter I send over 40 research analysts into the field to track the office, retail and residential property markets in 20 large cities in China. We have arguably the most comprehensive database of commercial properties in the country. Are there bad malls in China? Sure. Have ghost cities been built? Undoubtedly. Do they represent the majority of construction activity? Or even a meaningful minority? No chance. China’s Brave New World « Asia Pacific Real Estate Blog.

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