US-Residential-Rent Rates: Choice Quotes

Interesting quotes from different posts and touching upon US-residential-rent rates:

US-Residential-Rent Rates: Choice Quotes…nearly four million more single-family homes have been added to the rental market since 2005, stating that this new supply has fully caught up with the increased rental demand during the housing crisis…. Rental market growth slows, rents will stabilize or fall this year – AGBeat.

Sluggish job and wage growth have raised questions about how much more landlords can increase rents…. U.S. Apartment-Rent Increases Slow Amid Construction Boom – Bloomberg

…in buildings where the average rent was $3,000 or more, landlords have had to lower the rent to attract new tenants about 25 percent to 27 percent of the time. Apartment vacancy rate falls to lowest level since 2001

Rents are rising only on apartments, now at 2.9% year-over-year; single-family home rents have essentially flattened, rising just 0.1%. Single-Family Home Rents Flatten as Investors Saturate the Market

Even though rental yields are shrinking, the firm expects an 8 percent increase in home prices this year, so investors should still see a “healthy” return. Shrinking Rental Yields to Drive Out Investors, but Not This Year