Nearing Retirement: Real Estate Investing

Good advice from Wendy Patton:

Nearing Retirement: Real Estate InvestingBuying real estate as a retirement investment can be a good decision when you follow a few simple rules. Being retired or about to retire is not the time to be looking for get rich quick schemes. Actually, there's never a good time for that but retirement time is when you need to be looking for solid income producing investments.

Here are six rules for buying real estate when you are close to or in your retirement years:

  1. Is the investment almost guaranteed to retain its value?
  2. Is it likely to appreciate in value?
  3. Does it provide reliable income?
  4. Does it provide passive income?
  5. Is it a good hedge against inflation?
  6. Is it reasonably liquid?

Read the details: Source: Buying Real Estate Investments While Nearing Retirement

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