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  1. 5 Gotcha clauses that all #CRE occupants should negotiate

    Because commercial landlords should know too:

    … there at least five “gotcha” issues that should be addressed in any lease agreement. In my layman’s opinion, The AIR lease addresses these issues quite thoroughly…with a few tweaks. In the case of an owner generated lease, the issues vary in their treatment.

    The five issues are:

    1. Operating Expenses

    2. Capital Expenditures

    3. Subordination, Non-Disturbance, and Attornment (SNDA)

    4. Rent Increases

    5. Miscellaneous.

    I will define each issue, and suggest “asks” during the lease negotiation. This is a layman’s review as a CRE practitioner and should not alleviate the need to have all legal documents reviewed by counsel. These issues are from a California perspective and may vary by state.

    Read the source article … clauses-that-all-cre-occupants-should-ne gotiate/

  2. Apartment Renters Want Their Rent and Utility Payments Included in Credit Reports, Survey Reveals – Multifamily News Headlines – Breaking News, Stories, Top Headlines ::

    More than 70 percent of American apartment dwellers want their rent and monthly utility payments to count toward their credit history, according to a recent survey by WilliamPaid, an online rent payment service that provides renters a way to build credit history from paying their rent. The findings also show that one-third of survey respondents had been denied lines of credit within the past year, demonstrating that Americans need all the help that they can find.

    A majority of apartment renters also want their rent and utility payments (such as gas, electricity and telephone services) to be a factor in determining their credit scores, according to the online survey of more than 1,000 people that was conducted on July 12 to 15, 2013.

    We think they should get credit for timely payments. Do you agree?

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  3. Second Quarter Sees Jump in U.S. Industrial Building Space Under Construction | JOC

    [Industrial real estate] Builders are breaking ground in gateway markets, most notably in Chicago, according to data and analysis provided by commercial real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle. However, overall U.S. growth is not restricted to a particular region. Year-to-date, 42 of 48 JLL-tracked markets are showing positive net absorption gains.

    Is it sustainable?

    Read the source article … ics/industrial-real-estate/jones-lang-la salle/second-quarter-sees-jump-us-indust rial-building-space-under-construction_2 0130820.html?nopaging=1