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  1. Home prices slowing elsewhere, still spiking in Bay Area – San Francisco Business Times Home prices slowing elsewhere, still spiking in Bay Area - San Francisco Business Times

    San Francisco’s special:

    Aug 29, 2013, 2:51pm PDT. By Blanca Torres.

    Home prices across the country show signs of stabilizing — except in the Bay Area where we continued to see big price spikes. Why do we always have to play the role of outlier?

    More inventory on the market keeps prices from ballooning, but clearly that isn’t happening in the Bay Area.

    In fact, our total inventory of available homes dropped by 21 percent to 8,275 in July 2013, compared with 10,466 in July 2012.

    Places where new listings are climbing at impressive rates include Denver with 34 percent growth, Portland, Ore. with 24 percent, Orange County with 22 percent and Seattle and San Diego both with 21 percent.

    “Several metros on the West Coast, which have had the greatest supply imbalances, are now seeing the biggest increases in listings,” Davis said. Did you notice San Francisco is a glaring omission on that list?

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  2. Working World: The Top 10 Labor Markets in the U.S., Part 2

    …”without labor, nothing prospers.”

    August 22, 2013. By Nicole Selvaggi.

    Generally, many of these U.S. metros share some of the same characteristics. In addition to sharing low unemployment rates, many are centrally located state capitals, home to Fortune 500 companies, and have a thriving real estate market; perfectly illustrating the old saying that “without labor nothing prospers.”

    Are those good places to invest in income property for the long haul?

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  3. Bank lending to companies falls to lowest levels since 2006 | In English | EL PAÍS

    By Álvaro Romero. SEP 2013 – 20:14 CET.

    Outstanding credit extended by Spanish banks to companies in Spain in July declined 9.8 percent from the same month a year earlier to 677.431 billion euros, the lowest level since August 2006, according to figures released on Monday by the Bank of Spain.

    The magnitude of the fall was the largest since the central bank began compiling the current historical series in 1995 and remains an obstacle to economic recovery.

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  4. Reuters — Emerging market currency rescue is a pipe dream

    2013-09-02T03:09:52+00:00. By Andy Mukherjee.

    Can emerging markets fight back against currency speculators? An idea floated by India to mount a joint defence has a certain charm. After a rout in the rupee the past three months, New Delhi wants other developing countries to help in a coordinated intervention in offshore foreign exchange markets, Reuters reported on Aug. 31. In reality, it sounds unworkable.

    The premise is simple enough: central banks in developing Asian countries have $4.3 trillion in reserves. Add to that the $500 billion foreign-currency kitties of Brazil, South Africa and Turkey. If the holders teamed up to sell dollars in global markets, it might ease the downward pressure on emerging market currencies. The frustration is understandable. Currencies like India’s are being partly depressed by rising U.S. real interest rates – a factor beyond the control of developing nations.

    … Delhi would do better to seek a solution to the plunging rupee closer to home.

    Is the moral of the story that booms are deceptive and one ought to be more financially conservative?

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