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  1. Home staging professionals find new business | 2013-09-03 | HousingWire Home staging professionals find new business | 2013-09-03 | HousingWire

    Home staging professionals discovered a unique way of marketing themselves in the fluctuating real estate environment by reminding home sellers that properties sell much faster after undergoing a professional facelift.

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  2. Higher lot prices may boost new home prices

    New homes could get more expensive in the coming months as a shortage of suitable lots drives up builders’ costs.

    In 27 leading markets, the average price of a finished lot ready for building was up 40% in the second quarter from a year ago, according to John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

    Even steeper increases have hit some markets that have also seen strong gains in home values and demand.

    Crowe [“David Crowe, chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders”] doesn’t expect lot prices to keep growing at their current pace. As developers and builders refill the pipeline, price gains will slow.

    “This year is the big bump,” Kahn [“Jody Kahn, vice president with John Burns Real Estate Consulting”] says.

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  3. CBRE Analysis Backs President’s FIRPTA Proposal | Commercial Observer

    The report focuses on a change that, if it makes its way through congress, would exempt foreign pension funds from a 10 percent property sale withholding, freeing up capital for immediate reinvestment. The cash would ultimately make its way through the economy, translating into “high-paying, middle-class jobs” in construction and related industries, Mr. Costello said.

    “Fundamentally, anytime you remove some of the barriers to the free flow of capital, it will be healthy in terms of getting into the areas that need it,” he said. “It’s helpful not just in terms of the investment market, but also on the real side of the economy.”

    Currently under FIRPTA, foreign investors selling real estate in the U.S. must withhold 10 percent of a property’s sale price to ensure payment of taxes owed. While beneficial across the board, the report argues that cities with historically lower rates of return on investments could benefit the most, where the value of the 10 percent withholding can in some cases exceed the entire capital gain realized by a sale.

    Be careful!

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  4. 4 Signposts To Watch for an Emerging Markets Turnaround | BlackRock Blog | ETF Global market intelligence

    This post is aimed at stock investors, but the economic analysis of the major emerging markets is first-rate.

    … many investors are asking me when we’re going to see a significant and prolonged reversal in EM stock performance. While I believe that EM stocks, which look undervalued relative to EM markets’ growth potential and healthy corporate profits, have the potential to outperform their developed market counterparts over the next several years, I see few immediate catalysts for a very near-term EM rally, as I wrote in my latest Investment Directions monthly market commentary. That said, investors can watch for four signposts signifying that the EM underperformance tide may be turning.

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