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  1. The 5 Rings of High-Rise Residential Security – High Rise Facilities News Alerts, Sept. 14, 2013, Evening Edition, #RealEstate +

    Better security can often bring lower insurance premiums and better coverage.

    The linked article is a very interesting read.

    When Amand [“Daun St. Amand, vice president at RTKL Associates”] talks about security in residential high-rises, he often refers to “rings.” Each ring incorporates a different level or layer of technology and sophistication, depending on the building and when it was constructed or renovated.

    “We follow five concentric rings of security,” Amand explains. “All five rings are typically found in very high-end, luxury environments. Then we take out rings as we get down to market-rate apartments.”

    Budget cuts and strained resources have caused many facilities professionals to put off security system maintenance and staff training. Many of today’s retrofits, according to Amand, involve bringing the first three rings of security into older market-rate high-rises. “Some of these projects are pretty simple and straightforward: it’s the creation of a lobby, and providing card key access in elevators and for the door locks.”

    Grniet [“Chris Grniet, regional managing director for Guidepost’s TechnologyDesign Consulting team”] says there’s been a recent focus on integrating security for use by each individual resident, such as technology that allows tenants to use their smartphones and tablets to set their own alarms, receive messages about windows/doors left unlocked, etc. But he says video surveillance is the most common security retrofit for a residential high-rise, followed by card access systems.

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  2. What to do When A Property is Vandalized? – Latest News and Guides for Property Managers – URentGuide

    … some insurance companies do not cover vacant properties, which is becoming more and more common.

    That’s true.

    Many insurance companies that will cover vacant properties will only do so for a short time and via a special endorsement.

    It can’t be overstated that landlords and their managers need to read the full policies!

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