News Alerts. Sept. 28, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

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  1. Germany’s strange parallel universe – Economic News | Ireland & World Economy Headlines |The Irish Times – Wed, Sep 25, 2013 News Alerts. Sept. 28, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

    By Martin Wolf:

    Angela Merkel’s remarkable election result confirms her position as the dominant politician in Germany and so also in Europe. It is assumed she will get the euro zone she wants: Germany writ large. That may prove right. Alas, if she does, it is going to be a deeply depressing spectacle.

    Martin Wolf thinks Angela Merkel thinks too small.

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  2. Mortgage Bonds Reviving Pre-Crisis Structures, Moody’s Says – Bloomberg News Alerts. Sept. 28, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

    Issuers in the reviving market for U.S. mortgage securities are creating debt with features not seen since before the financial crisis that can increase risks for certain investors, according to Moody’s Investors Service.

    The expanding ways in which investors in the various slices of deals will share cash flows from the underlying loans raise additional “analytical challenges,” Moody’s said today in a report. The structures are creating debt — with names including super-senior support bonds, exchangeable securities, principal-only notes and pool interest-only bonds — in which investors in some pieces can have greater losses even with the same levels of loan defaults and repayments.

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  3. New Investments From US Private Real Estate Fund Sector Reach Pre-Crisis Levels | The Registry News Alerts. Sept. 28, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

    New research in Preqin’s latest special report on the US private real estate fund management industry shows the equity invested by closed-end private real estate funds in new opportunities in the US reached $67bn in 2012, almost the same amount as the peak in 2007, when $68bn was invested.

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  4. Superrich come roaring back – Bankrate, Inc. News Alerts. Sept. 28, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

    …while the general population is still recovering from financial losses and a sluggish economy, the fortunes of the rich are skyrocketing.

    Though both the Main Street population and the rich bled money in the wake of the Lehman collapse, the ultrawealthy are experiencing a very different financial recovery than the rest of the population….

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  5. Is it time to scoop up Vietnam properties? News Alerts. Sept. 28, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

    “The downturn has hit rock bottom,” agreed Jason Ng, a director at VinaCapital. Ng noted the government is planning to introduce new regulations allowing foreigners to purchase both apartments and landed properties and to permit them to rent out those properties.

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  6. Bruegel | Blogs review: Battle of narratives over the European recovery News Alerts. Sept. 28, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

    This post gives reactions to Wolfgang Schauble’s and others’ claims that Germany’s more Austrian School (austerity)/neoliberal approach and demands are reasonable for a recovery.

    What’s at stake: Many European leaders have started to claim credit for the recent improvement in economic conditions in the Eurozone. The boldest example was certainly the op-ed written last week by Wolfgang Schauble where Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance used the good news to claim vindication over the skeptics of the European approach to the EMU crisis. Beyond the colorful reactions that it generated (see for example Ambrose Evans-Pritchard), this controversy certainly shows that the battle for the narrative of the recovery has already started.

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