News Alerts. Oct. 5, 2013. Afternoon Edition. #RealEstate

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  1. EconoMonitor – The Return of the Emerging Market Crisis

    Is Satyajit Das being a realist here or overly pessimistic?

    Weaknesses in the real economy and financial vulnerabilities will rapidly feed each other in a vicious cycle. Even if the reduction of excessive monetary accommodation in developed economies is slow or deferred, the fundamental fragilities of emerging markets — the current account deficits, inadequate investment returns and high debt levels- will prove problematic.

    The ‘this time it’s different’ crowd argue that critical vulnerabilities -fixed exchange rates, low foreign exchange reserves, foreign currency debt- have been addressed, avoiding the risk of the familiar emerging market death spiral. This is an overly optimistic view. Structural changes may slow the onset of the crisis. But real economy and financial weaknesses mean that the risks are high.

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  2. Guest post: Seattle marijuana zoning vote can make or break I-502 – The Pot Blog News Alerts. Oct. 5, 2013. Afternoon Edition. #RealEstate

    Would you lease your warehouse to a marijuana “grow” organization?

    … Councilmember Bruce Harrell, who sponsored an amendment to allow operations in the industrial parts of town. You might be thinking, isn’t industrial the perfect place for secured warehouse grows and retail shops?

    The answer is a clear “Yes” but the Port of Seattle has come out against the idea despite the fact that many warehouses and retail spaces currently sit empty.

    What liability considerations would you have in mind? What steps would you take to protect yourself?

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