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  1. China cuts ribbon on free trade zone – Sep. 30, 2013 News Alerts. Oct. 7, 2013. Afternoon Edition. #RealEstate

    Experts have said a successful free-trade zone in Shanghai is a game changer in the long-term, as the government could roll out similar reforms across the country.

    Shanghai’s economy has expanded at a slower pace than the national average since 2008, and is likely to see a strong boost, said HSBC economist Hongbin Qu. That’s because the free trade zone targets the trade and services sectors, both of which are major contributors to Shanghai’s economy. About 60% of the city’s GDP comes from the services sector, and Shanghai alone accounts for 20% of China’s trade.

    But for the country as a whole, there will be “negligible impact on the economy in the near term,” Zhang said. The zone is too small to have “meaningful impact on the macro [economic] numbers.”

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  2. Apartments and units more appealing for real estate investment | Homeport Property News News Alerts. Oct. 7, 2013. Afternoon Edition. #RealEstate


    As median house prices have seen steady rates of growth over recent months, the option of purchasing apartments and units has become more appealing for real estate investment, according to an article from RP Data.

    Author and RP Data Senior Research Analyst Cameron Kusher stated the rise in capital city median house values over the past 12 months has been quite high in comparison with the growth seen in units and apartments.

    Over the 12 months ending August 2013, RP Data found median dwelling prices rose by 5.3 per cent across the nation. However, median prices for units only grew by 3.2 per cent over the same period.

    “Units offer a more affordable price point at which to enter the housing market. Not only are they more affordable, they are often most abundant within inner city areas where many people aspire to live and from an investment perspective they tend to offer better rental returns,” said Mr Kusher in the article.

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  3. Why real estate is a landmine of troubles for NRI investors | Firstpost


    As long as they maintain a broad investment horizon and have chosen their properties well, the capital appreciation on real estate translates into multi-fold that put all other asset classes in the shade. Traps On The Path For NRIs NRIs have always been soft targets for hyped-up real estate marketing by developers. The objective of such marketing is to make NRIs believe that the projects being offered have been especially created for them — that are not standard offerings on the market. Projects being marketed directly to NRIs are trumped up as the best options that money can buy in India. The fact is that most of these projects are not professionally managed, which has extremely negative implications for someone who is not physically present in India. Lack of proper project and facilities management results in accelerated dilapidation of neglected units, and security also becomes an issue. There are often no provisions for paying society dues from abroad. Likewise, NRIs who have made sentiment-driven property purchase in their own Indian hometowns often overlook that paying dues such as property tax online may not be an option in these locations. The end result is that the property turns out to be a depreciating and legally compromised money trap.

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  4. Multifamily Heavyweights Debate GSE Reform – Government Entities, Legislation, Affordable Housing, Local Markets, Mortgages And Banking, Multifamily, Capital Markets, Conferences – Multifamily Executive Magazine

    Five of the multifamily industry’s top CEOs weighed in on the fate of the government-sponsored enterprises (such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) during the CEO Power Panel at this year’s Multifamily Executive Conference. Check out some of what they had to say.

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  5. Wal-Mart opens largest online fulfillment center News Alerts. Oct. 7, 2013. Afternoon Edition. #RealEstate

    Until we have replicators and transporters a la Star Trek, it looks like warehouses are going to be a big thing.

    Wal-Mart Stores unveiled its largest ever warehouse dedicated to filling online orders Tuesday as the world’s biggest retailer steps up competition with web rival

    The warehouse, based in Bethlehem, Pa., will be more than 1 million square feet ….

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  6. Why You Should Be Investing Your Money In Real Estate | Entrepreneur News Alerts. Oct. 7, 2013. Afternoon Edition. #RealEstate

    As entrepreneurs find success with their primary business ventures, many search for the proper investments for their profits.

    Of course, we can and should all start traditional tax preferred vehicles like an IRA and 401k. These are the bedrock of good ‘benefit’ planning for ourselves and our employees. I’m also convinced more entrepreneurs should consider rental real estate as an important part of their portfolio.

    I realize many business owners shrug off this concept after the recent downturn in real estate values, but let me list a few reasons that may change your mind:…

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  7. NYC plans free public WiFi expansion in all five boroughs by December 2013 News Alerts. Oct. 7, 2013. Afternoon Edition. #RealEstate

    This is another reason New York City real estate keeps going up. A free service such as this adds to property values in the area.

    A handful of neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx will have high-speed WiFi access available for businesses and residents by the end of this year.

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  8. Tips to Help You Invest in Commercial Real Estate | DN Commercial

    The most basic rule in purchasing commercial real estate says that you should choose a good property in a good location for a good price. Sounds nice but what is underneath the bright advertising? How do you determine those hidden obstacles and how do you count the risks? These and some other frequently asked questions could become a pressing issue in making your decision.

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