News Alerts. Oct. 14, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

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  1. Three 2014 Tech Trends to Watch in the Ever-Changing Apartment Marketing Landscape – News Alerts. Oct. 14, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

    DALLAS, TX – A long list of web and mobile technology advances over the past few years, from new search tools to the proliferation of social media outlets, have greatly advanced apartment firms’ approaches to community marketing, adding science, sophistication and fun to the mix. But, there’s still more work to do to stay in step with the ever-changing apartment marketing landscape.

    Israel Carunungan, director of marketing at Charleston, S.C.-based management powerhouse Greystar, offers his take on the three most important technologies apartment marketing professionals should focus on to be successful in 2014.

    No. 1: Online Ratings and Reviews

    No. 2: More Mobile

    No. 3: New App Features

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  2. Gulf Real Estate Investors’ Turkish Delight – Middle East Real Time – WSJ

    Wealthy investors from the Arab Gulf are buying up Turkish apartments, offices and resort properties like hotcakes these days, taking advantage of a change in laws last year that opened the door for investment by people from the region.

    Turkey ended its so-called reciprocity restrictions last May. Before they were lifted, the country allowed foreign investors to buy only if Turks were allowed to buy property in their countries. That shut out most investors across the Gulf.

    Turkey, of course, is also benefiting from the instability in Egypt and Syria, which have long been prime destinations for investment from the Gulf. The promise of good returns in a market seen as more developed than other parts of the region and with better economic prospects than Europe is another big draw.

    Returns, he [“Baris Emiroglu, a marketing manager at Torunlar, Turkey’s biggest domestic malls developer”] added, were excellent. Investors could expect between 35% and 50% appreciation between the time they paid for a yet-to-be-built property and its completion some two years later, he said.

    Is that a bubble already or in the making?

    Turkey’s banking system has been roundly criticized for being in need of deleveraging. Also, Turkey has been through some serious political upheaval of its own recently. Still, investing of this type is all relative.

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  3. Canada: Housing Market Had Major Correction, Nobody Noticed: Royal LePage News Alerts. Oct. 14, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

    Soper [Phil Soper, President and CEO, Royal LePage] predicts a more robust Canadian economy and an “era of renewed prosperity” ahead, good news for the consumer-oriented real estate sector.

    But some economists from Canada and around the world are still predicting a harder landing for Canada, pointing to indications including high consumer debt loads, low wage growth and the record number of jobs dependent on the real estate sector as trouble signs for the economy.

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  4. Apartment occupancy in North Texas reaches 12-year high | Dallas Business |

    Demand for apartments in the third quarter outpaced the number of new units added to the market, pushing the region’s occupancy rate to the highest point in 12 years, according to a new report.

    In Dallas-Fort Worth, 4,992 new apartments were added, the highest quarterly volume in almost four years, but 6,355 units were absorbed, or occupied, in the third quarter, MPF Research said in the report Wednesday.

    Dallas-Fort Worth was the nation’s hottest apartment market in the quarter, with occupancy reaching 94.4 percent.

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