News Alerts. Oct. 15, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

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  1. BBC News – Re-balancing and the re-industrialisation of Britain News Alerts. Oct. 15, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

    For the UK, the government wants to re-balance the economy towards manufacturing and exporting more overseas, while relying less on, say, financial services given the banking bust of a few years ago. Manufacturing only accounts for around 11% of total valued added of what’s produced in Britain, while the service sector accounts for over three-quarters of the economy.

    For China, it’s the opposite. It wants to re-balance its economy away from too much investment and towards developing a more diversified service sector to provide for its burgeoning middle class. China is worried about its high levels of capital spending, which has produced so-called ghost cities, and wants its companies to invest overseas instead ….

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  2. 4 Tips to Spot a Smart Investment Property News Alerts. Oct. 15, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

    With the real estate market heating up, many consumers are considering buying an investment property to potentially earn some hefty returns in the years to come. Consumers begin by doing the math on a home: determining the total costs of a down payment, principal and interest payments, taxes and other fees versus how much they can charge for rent. If the calculations suggest a return, they typically want to dive right into the real estate game. Because real estate is a risky investment, it’s essential for buyers to go beyond the basic calculations to find a relatively safe, profitable property. Here are some tips to help first-time investment property buyers make smart purchases.

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  3. Lloyds CEO warns against housing “Help to Buy” bubble: FT – Yahoo Finance News Alerts. Oct. 15, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

    (Reuters) – The chief executive of Lloyds Bank (LLOY.L) has warned that the government’s “Help to Buy” mortgage scheme will risk creating a dangerous bubble in property prices unless steps are taken to boost the supply of new housing and free up planning restrictions, The Financial Times reported.

    The FT quoted Antonio Horta-Osorio, the CEO of Lloyds as saying, “It is important that planning permits, building authorizations and social housing projects are (liberalized) so that the increase in (mortgage) transactions does not lead to a substantial increase in house prices.”

    “I think the scheme should be focused outside London and the southeast. (In the rest of the country) you have nothing close to a housing bubble,” the FT quoted him as saying.

    Lloyds, which is 33 percent owned by the British government, could not be reached immediately for comment.

    Lloyds, along with RBS (RBS.L), HSBC (HSBA.L), Santander UK (SAN.MC) and Barclays (BARC.L), has already signed up for scheme which, in exchange for a fee, will give banks greater protection against losses.

    The only big lender yet to commit is the customer owned Nationwide (POB_p.L), one of the few lenders already offering mortgages to buyers with small deposits.

    He has a point.

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  4. NAHB: Types of Home Construction: Multifamily News Alerts. Oct. 15, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

    What is a Multifamily Home?

    From young families just starting out to empty nesters looking to downsize, multifamily homes are an increasingly popular option for U.S. households. According to a recent survey conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, approximately 32.6 million residences, or 24.6 percent of housing in the U.S. today, are multifamily. These spaces include apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, and mixed-use developments.

    Types of Multifamily Homes




    Student Housing


    Low Income

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