News Alerts. Oct. 18, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

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  1. 7 Tips for Providing Tenant References [Free Template] // Landlordology News Alerts. Oct. 18, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

    Here’s the most important part in our view.

    Be able to support any claim that you make with proper documentation or evidence.

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  2. How to Remove Smoke Odors – Latest News and Guides for Property Managers – URentGuide News Alerts. Oct. 18, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

    Many property managers are shifting to a zero tolerance policy towards smoking in the properties that they manage. While some investors may disagree with this restriction, … [it] often times benefits them in the long run.

    Smoking can be very destructive to a home regardless … [if it’s] from cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, etc. The odor penetrates into drywall, carpet, the ventilation system and blinds. The longer and more often the tenant smokes, the worse the damage.

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  3. Yves Mersch: Europe’s Banking Union Can Tackle the “Doom Loop” | European Investment Conference News Alerts. Oct. 18, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

    According to the plan, in 2014, the ECB will take over the supervision of all euro-area lenders, beginning with a three-phased analysis of the institutions coming under its jurisdiction. First, a risk review will be performed, followed by an analysis of bank balance sheets and stress tests conducted in collaboration with the European Banking Authority.

    Once the banking union is in place, Mersch [“Yves Mersch, an executive board member of the European Central Bank (ECB)”] also believes that the ECB can suspend some of its non-standard crisis measures, such as giving banks unlimited amounts of longer-term cash.

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  4. Real estate News: Nobel-winning economist warns of new housing bubble

    Robert Shiller, who shared this year’s Nobel Prize for economics with Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen, told Reuters that housing prices in some markets have risen too fast because of the Fed’s continuing easy-money policies.


    One of his co-winners, however, is more cautious about calling the latest housing boom a bubble.

    “We often underestimate how much uncertainty there is in terms of our understanding of the economy,” Lars Peter Hansen told Reuters. “If you pretend that we know more than we do, you are in danger of constructing policies that can be counter-productive.”

    They’re both right. However, a great deal of the heat in the housing market has been released more than a bit by the taper-talk and the government shutdown, among other things.

    Only major energy and tech areas not being overly built may be real dangers zones right now.

    Now that the taper-talk has been clarified and the shutdown averted (at least for a little while), the heat will rise some.

    As they say, real estate is a cyclical industry, and one really needs to be on one’s toes to keep pace with the dynamics.

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  5. The anatomy of a Shanghai land grab: Residents kidnapped, their homes destroyed | News Alerts. Oct. 18, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

    Beijing property lawyer Wang Cailiang says the problem is that GDP growth on the local level in China largely depends on the government seizing and then selling land.

    “In a normal system, the government is not supposed to be benefiting from land transactions,” says Wang. “They should only be responsible for managing the land. They are not businessmen.”

    In 1999, land sales made up just 9% of revenue for local governments. That’s skyrocketed to 64% just two years ago. Now, China’s economic growth is dipping, and the central government has ambitious plans to move a quarter of a billion rural Chinese into the cities over the next decade as part of a state-sponsored urbanization campaign. Wang says there’s more pressure than ever on local government officials to take people’s land by any means necessary.

    “In Chinese, we call it ‘Hei Chai’— illegal demolition,” says Wang. “It’s when governments hire mafia types to kidnap people or throw them into illegal prisons, and then take their land. We’re seeing more and more of this all over China.”

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