News Alerts. Oct. 26, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

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  1. CRE Tech Companies to Watch – Urban Land Magazine News Alerts. Oct. 26, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

    A whirlwind of activity is taking place at the intersection of commercial real estate (CRE) and technology. Dozens of firms are emerging, spanning all aspects of the industry from leasing to investment sales to design. Though diverse in the challenges they are tackling, these firms have in common a fundamentally new approach to data. Each is aggregating information and making it accessible in online and mobile formats.

    Commercial real estate may soon face a transformation similar to those seen in travel, retail, and single-family residential real estate. Taking cues from the impact of Amazon, Expedia, and Redfin, we anticipate better customer experiences, dramatic reductions in the time and expertise needed to make complex decisions, and a fresh set of faces in the ranks of industry leadership.

    Highlighted below are five of the most promising teams in commercial real estate technology. …

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  2. Marketing by the Numbers – Multifamily Blogs News Alerts. Oct. 26, 2013. Evening Edition. #RealEstate

    What is the closing ratio? With a given number of vacants, and apartments on notice, with the current volume of traffic and closing ratios, whats the time frame to achieve the desired occupancy at the property? Is this time frame acceptable? If not, there are essentially two options increase the volume of traffic, or increase the closing ratio.

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  3. Late Mortgage Payments Increase |

    Mortgage delinquencies ticked up in September, reversed a trend of declines that has accompanied the gradual recovery of the housing market.

    It’s not clear if the monthly rise represents more than a hiccup in the housing recovery as the market returns to more normal conditions.

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  4. Testosterone Pit – Home – What Will It Take To Blow Up The Entire Japanese Banking System? (Not Much, According To The Bank of Japan)

    … interest rates will not be allowed to jump this high. Even if inflation is 6%, the BOJ will see to it that yields remain low. It would impose brutal financial repression. It could use numerous tools, including a yield peg. If it had to, it could print enough money to buy the entire national debt of Japan, even if that might finally be “perceived as monetization” — with all the consequences that this would entail.

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