News Alerts. Oct. 30, 2013. Afternoon Edition. #RealEstate

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  1. MANCHESTER: Real estate market shows signs of improvement in area – Manchester Enterprise – Heritage Newspapers

    For the first time since 2007, property values aren’t falling. According to the 2013 Washtenaw County [Michigan] Equalization Report, the assessed values of all properties in the township increased by $500,000 from 2012 values.

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  2. China’s Smog Problem So Dire It Can Be Seen From Space (PHOTOS)

    We cannot overstate just how bad this is for the Chinese economy and real real-estate values.

    “Heavy smog has shrouded much of eastern China, and air quality levels have been dropped to extremely dangerous levels,” the NOAA wrote on its site. “The heavy smog is caused by industrial pollution, coal and agricultural burning, …

    While there are laissez-faire (anarchistic) capitalists out there calling for government to get out of the economy, there is no way that this horrible environmental and health disaster will be corrected without government taking firm, decisive, and quick action to control unbridled growth whether that growth has been, or remains, capitalistic, governmental, or otherwise.

    See the full-sized image here: ds/2013/10/noaa.png

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  3. Crazy ants |

    More on the crazy ants:

    (CNN) — Beware the “crazy ants.”

    Researchers at the University of Texas are warning that the invasive species from South America has the potential to change the ecological balance in the southeastern United States, largely because the ants can wipe out colonies of what’s been widely considered the insect villain of the region, the fire ant.

    The crazy ants, officially called “Tawny crazy ants,” are omnivores that can take over an area by both killing what’s there and starving out what they don’t kill, said Ed LeBrun, a research associate with the Texas invasive species research program at the Brackenridge Field Laboratory in the College of Natural Sciences.

    What will they do to property values?

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  4. Home prices close in on housing bubble peak | Inman News

    Closing in on undeniable bubble territory:

    Nationwide, home prices are now just 14 percent off of their bubble era peak, according to real estate data and technology firm Lender Processing Services.

    Will events and efforts to keep a huge bubble from forming arrive? It will be a challenge.

    If the system can keep a check on “investors” who otherwise lose all perspective, then we can do it.

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