News Alerts. Oct. 31, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

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  1. The world's five largest housing bubbles: A brief, whirlwind tour - Quartz News Alerts. Oct. 31, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

    Goldman Sachs analysts spotlighted some of the world's fast accelerating housing markets this week, in a bid to try to sniff out potential for problems in the making. (After all, it was the high-flying US housing market that served as the epicenter for the financial crisis that set off the Great Recession.)

    It covers Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, and Germany.

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  2. Fracking Lowers Mortgage Lending Chances | GET REAL Estate Facts

    A word to the wise:

    According to MPA, real estate lenders across the United States have a low approval rate of mortgages for properties located near hydrochloric fracturing. Hydrochloric fracturing, or fracking, is the fracturing of rock by a pressurized liquid.

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  3. Start-Up Chic Goes Corporate, as Couches Replace Desks - News Alerts. Oct. 31, 2013. Morning Edition. #RealEstate

    "People are realizing that more and more work is being done through groups and teams as opposed to individual work," said Rex Miller, senior partner at TAG Consulting.

    "There's a recognition that it's easier to work together in a more open environment where there aren't barrier and walls," he said.

    Dismantling the corner-office hierarchy by literally getting rid of the corner office helps foster the kind of collaboration companies want to encourage today, said Patrick Donnelly, principal at BHDP Architecture.

    "The trend is really to put people and their personal work environment out in the open so knowledge exchange can take place in real time," he said.

    "No one is going to have an office, including the C.E.O.," said Michael Bourque, director of design for the Boston office of architecture firm Nelson....

    Two issues come to mind: Privacy/confidentiality and security.

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  4. Brokers Cannot Act for Insurer — Not Liable for Insureds Noncompliance |

    Be careful.

    ... Travelers was not negligent in relying upon American Way's questionnaire and that an insurance broker does not have a duty to inspect the premises, investigate statements made in the application, or verify the accuracy of such statements. Rather, the duty rests upon the insured to divulge all information he or she knows.

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