News Alerts. Nov. 15, 2013. #RealEstate

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  1. Bay Area’s revved-up real estate market slows down – SFGate News Alerts. Nov. 15, 2013. #RealEstate

    Koerner said he sees signs of “buyer fatigue” as people take time off from house-hunting until after the holidays.

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  2. Home prices flatten across capital region as investors depart – Real Estate – The Sacramento Bee News Alerts. Nov. 15, 2013. #RealEstate

    Sacramento area home prices flattened this fall after months of dramatic increases earlier in the year, DataQuick reported Wednesday.

    A typical seasonal slowdown is part of the reason, the San Diego-based real estate information service said. But the more stable prices are also a product of a greater inventory of homes for sale, higher interest rates and the exodus of investors from the market, said DataQuick analyst Andrew LePage.

    In Sacramento County, the number of absentee buyers, who are typically investors, plummeted in October to the lowest level in the four-county region in three years. They made up about 29 percent of all home buyers, down from 45 percent in January.

    Cash buyers, also generally investors, fell to the lowest level in five years, LePage said. All-cash deals accounted for about 25 percent of home purchases in October, compared with 43 percent in February.

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  3. Homes continue to collapse into Dunedin sinkhole | News Alerts. Nov. 15, 2013. #RealEstate

    Dunedin, Florida – A sinkhole that at last check measured 90 feet wide and 56 feet deep continued to swallow two homes in Dunedin Thursday night.

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  4. REAL ESTATE: Multifamily housing in transition | Business | News Alerts. Nov. 15, 2013. #RealEstate

    Rather in-depth look at condo comeback: Debra Gruszecki reports:

    The condo and townhome markets, looked upon as the redeeming grace to single-family home ownership when pre-bubble housing prices were smoking hot, is beginning to come into its own again in Inland Southern California.

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  5. Smooth sailing for Janet Yellen at confirmation hearing – Nov. 14, 2013 News Alerts. Nov. 15, 2013. #RealEstate

    “The truth is, if the regulators had done their jobs and reined in the banks, we wouldn’t need to be talking about quantitative easing because we could have avoided the 2008 crisis,” Warren said.

    Do think that’s right?

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  6. What’s Going on in Commercial Real Estate?: Video – Bloomberg

    Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) — Colliers International CEO of Americas Dylan Taylor discusses investing in commercial real estate with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”

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  7. Mistakes Landlords Make, Part I News Alerts. Nov. 15, 2013. #RealEstate

    This assumes you are self-managing.

    No one is perfect — and while landlords aren’t any worse than anyone else, our mistakes can certainly cost a lot more than most people’s. We’d like to share with you some of the tales of woe we’ve heard from landlords we’ve dealt with in the past (and some of our own mistakes along the way.) Read on for some painful — and hopefully some laughable — mistakes that you might be able to learn from.

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