Uploading a Fully Encrypted, Full-System Backup to a Secure, Off-Site Server in a Limited-Access, Guarded Facility

We are in the process of uploading a fully encrypted, full-system backup to a secure, off-site server in a limited-access, guarded facility. The process has been running for 4 days, and there a 4 more days to go before it will be finished.

At that time, we will have to run a differential backup and upload that too. The differential will be much smaller and will upload in hours rather than days. However, we will throttle it so we may work more on the Internet during the upload.

Until the process is finished, we won’t be generating and posting our usual style of posts because generating those requires more bandwidth than our system will allow right now while the backup upload is running.

Thank you for understanding and for your patience while we continue preparing for any potential catastrophic event that might damage or destroy our local drives (regular and backup).