MMT: More Green & Less Fear?

So, I consider this Logan Mohtashami article to be a hit piece. Here's why I take exception to his positions.

First, Stephanie Kelton may simply have misspoken about 50% being in poverty. Perhaps she was using a different level in defining poverty. We can't tell from Logan's article.

As for the jobs guarantee, it's not simply about addressing the unemployment issue right now but forever. Besides, there's much more labor slack than indicated in Logan's cited stats. People are underemployed. People are working part time when they want full-time positions. People are working multiple jobs at slave wages. The Green New Deal is designed to address all of that in ways Logan's just-more-of-the-same won't.

As for forgiving student loans, the Green New Deal is about providing free college. Why would we not be retroactive about that by forgiving loans? Would loan forgiveness be bad? If for-profit "colleges" was a large part of the problem, then that's the whole point about free public-college.

It would have been better for Logan to spell out his own ideology before condemning MMT and the Green New Deal. Who is he seeking to protect, whose profit that would vanish under the Green New Deal that would be much better for the whole and for everyone with a long-term vision?

It doesn't appear that he's very empathetic to the real pain and suffering of people right now who would be served by the Green New Deal in major ways.