The Chinese dictatorship, the US, Taiwan, democracy, and money

This is what's happened because the US foolishly "opened" China for markets, for money. We've ended up with a totalitarian dictator with a huge industrial base threatening Taiwan, a democracy, with a violent invasion if Taiwan doesn't simply agree to come under the Chinese dictator's full control.

We've seen what's been happening to Hong Kong. The British turned Hong Kong over to China under a deal where Hong Kong would have it's own system. China has been leaning more and more against Hong Kong's democracy. The same would happen to Taiwan until there would be no democracy at all there.

Americans say the US is a democracy. Why don't we have a mutual defense treaty with Taiwan and a military base there? Why is the US government apparently only concerned with how much money it can get out of the dictatorship?

I'd rather offer Taiwan the choice of becoming a state of the United States than see it fall to the not-so-creeping dictatorship.