China to vote on foreign investment law, which has zero to do with democracy enhancement

We were told in the US by fellow Americans that if we "open" China, China would become a democratic state. I didn't believe them then. Obviously, I was correct not to.

China was totalitarian at the time. It is totalitarian now. It will remain totalitarian until the Chinese People rise up for democracy. The longer they wait, the uglier it will be.

Trump's trade deal will not facilitate the Democracy Movement at all. In fact, it will make things worse.

Here we have the Chinese Communist Party with a pending law that does nothing but address "trade." Trade is not freedom for the Chinese People. It is not a lessening of tensions over the South China Sea or Taiwan or Hong Kong or anything else.

Continued "trade" will prolong the totalitarians' grip. That's not good risk management. That's helping excessive risk to become even riskier.