It's amazing how many "experts" are out there who simply don't understand MMT

Mohamed A. El-Erian joins the crowd talking about MMT in ways that clearly indicate that he doesn't understand MMT.

MMT isn't using recent history to develop MMT. Recent history is reflecting the reality of MMT.

MMT isn't an issue for Fed independence, because MMT is fiscally based, not monetarism. If we were to go full MMT, we wouldn't need a Fed, independent or not.

MMT doesn't abandon keeping inflation in check. It uses taxes to do it rather than interest rates.

MMT is an economic model, not a policy built upon itself. That said, most MMTers are progressive leaning. Very few, however, are socialists. The vast majority are mixed-economy academic economists.

The "public-employment as last resort" program idea is built upon MMT but isn't MMT, per se. There's the MMT model, then there are programs that are MMT-based.