Economics & environmental videos for May 16, 2019

Can We Reach 100% Renewable Energy?

Movements pushing for 100% renewables are gaining momentum. Stanford's Mark Z. Jacobson says we have the technology to get there.

The MMT Debate With Dean Baker & Randall Wray [The Green New Deal, how are you going to pay for it?]

We continue our series of discussions about Modern Money Theory and funding the Green New Deal with host Paul Jay.

Why We Need Inclusive Prosperity

The implications of rising inequality are massive. Economists need to tackle it together. Inequality affects every part of the economy, from finance to labor to macroeconomic policymaking. To understand it, and build an economy of inclusive prosperity, we need to bring economists from every part of the field together, says Atif Mian, Princeton University economist and a founding member of the group

Economics for Inclusive Prosperity (EfIP).

Is Amazon pulling a fast one on its employees? (Spoiler alert- YES)

Ocasio-Cortez & Sanders Introduce Bill to Cap Credit Card Interest Rates at 15% [Bill Black explains very well]

They call it Loan Shark Prevention, which would allow post offices to act as banks for poor working people, but credit companies claim it will hurt the poor.