Interesting & Important News & Analysis, September 19, 2019

Six Named Storms at Once in Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Basins Ties Modern Record

... September is a peak month not only in the Atlantic Basin, but is also part of a broad peak of activity in the Eastern Pacific.

In September, ocean temperatures are nearly at their yearly peak, and shearing winds that can rip apart tropical storms and hurricanes are typically at their lowest.

TFlower Ransomware - The Latest Attack Targeting Businesses

Turn off Remote Desktop Services.

Here's an interesting article by the Trotskyists.

The strike at General Motors: Class struggle vs. the reactionary politics of racial division

As a reminder, I'm not a unionist, per se, or a Marxist but a democrat.

Think about the world when robots are doing all of the manufacturing, etc. Who'll be making enough money to pay for what those robots build? The richest person in the world won't have any customers.

The only thing that really makes sense is for the robots to do the work and for every human being to share equally.

Human beings should be able to spend their time pursuing knowledge, improvement, and ultimately moral, ethical, physical, and spiritual perfection. We could clean up our mess.

Fools rush in.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Yield Unintended Consequences, Yale Study Finds

Scientists found hybrids of the genetically modified mosquitos and the native mosquitos – meaning some offspring weren’t sterile.

Cameron Ortis: Trudeau reassures allies amid alleged spying case

Mr Ortis was looking into allegations that Russian tax fraudsters had laundered millions of dollars through Canada, a US financier told Reuters.

Bill Browder, a high-profile critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said he had met Mr Ortis twice in Canada in 2017 after alerting the RCMP to the matter.

So, it looks like the Five Eyes are afraid evidence within them will be uncovered showing that the money Bill Browder, Russia says, stole from Russia via tax evasion was laundered through possibly at least one of the Five Eyes.

Yesterday, I wrote the following concerning the Bill Browder narrative:

... the mainstream media reports the story as if the European Court of Human Rights has completely upheld Bill Browder’s narrative. It certainly can’t be the case that none of them actually read the court’s judgement. Therefore, at least some of them are deliberately concealing the fact that the court ruled that Browder’s narrative turn the actual chronology of events on its head. The only reason to do that is to cast a very negative light on Russia based upon falsehoods.

Desperate Central Bankers Grab for More Power

... nationalize the Fed, turning it into a true public utility, mandated to serve the interests of the economy and the voting public. Having the central bank and the federal government work together to coordinate fiscal and monetary policy is actually a good idea, so long as the process is transparent and public representatives have control over where the money is deployed. It’s our money, and we should be able to decide where it goes.

For years, I've been for eliminating the Fed. The Treasury should be the one and only bank: a public bank. "It’s our money, and we should be able to decide where it goes." That's a fact. We should also be able to decide how much of it there is. We should also be able to issue it without owing anyone anything. Money should be for nothing but measuring the effort we're putting into our projects (all public).

The Monetary-and-Banking-Democratization Platform for The United States of America

Israel Election Results: Netanyahu Says He Wants Unity Government; Gantz: I Will Lead It

Let's pray Israel will tone warmongering way, way, way down.

Israel Election 2019: Exit Polls Prove Netanyahu's Spell Has Been Broken

The politician who made it his business to win elections, who did it better than anyone else because he worked harder and always came up with a new strategy, has run out of dirty tricks. And the Israeli electorate has run out of patience.

This isn’t a victory for the “peace camp” or the left, or even for the center-left. This victory was won together with the votes of ultranationalists supporting Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu, and Gantz’s Kahol Lavan is at best a center-right party. This is a personal defeat for Netanyahu.

The trouble with capitalism

Imagine there had been an abundance of profitable investment projects in the real economy in the early 00s. The savings glut and fall in bond yields would then have financed these so we’d have seen a boom in investment, jobs and incomes. But there was no such abundance, so the savings glut instead financed a bubble in housing and credit derivatives which ended in crisis.

Many of the things social democrats like Martin deplore about capitalism are in fact responses since the late 70s to this crisis of profitability. The assertion of management power – a symptom of which is high CEO salaries (pdf) – is a (successful) suppression of worker militancy. Privatizations are an attempt to expand the realm in which capitalists can make profits. Financialization is the result of a shift away from low-profit activities in the real economy. And rent-seeking and cronyism reflect attempts to sustain profits in the face of competition and crisis.

Making total war on Global Warming, which is definitely an existential threat if we allow it to run away, which it could, requires personal sacrifices everyone should be willing and prepared to make, including in their "backyards."

NIMBYs Shoot Down Green Projects Next Door While Planet Burns

LA County will ask Supreme Court to uphold bans against sleeping on sidewalks

So many "politicians" go at things in a completely backward manner. Provide homes, and the vast, vast majority of people sleeping on the street won't be doing it anymore.

Chicago teens will rally for climate action in Grant Park, Federal Plaza, and Field Museum

This week, youth activists in Chicago will walk out of school to lead a protest demanding action on climate change as part of a Global Climate Strike. The mass demonstration is set to take place in 150 countries and more than 500 locations across the U.S. It is expected to be the largest climate mobilization in the nation’s history.

If the US-corporate-mainstream media doesn't cover this whole thing, I'm pretty sure they'll be shooting themselves in both feet. The young people will be wanting coverage. If they don't get it, they won't forget. They'll start planning on toppling those who censored the news of their protests and rallies.

Trump stops short of directly blaming Iran for attack on Saudi oil facilities

So, the Houthis, who are democratic (something left out of the MSM coverage) while the Saudis are dictators, will film the next attack?

New Claims by Opponents of Medicaid Expansion Rest on Faulty Analysis

To determine eligibility, state Medicaid programs verify an applicant’s reported income against electronic data sources at the time of application and then periodically during the year. When verifying income, state Medicaid agencies compare the sworn attestations that clients make on their application and renewal forms to available electronic data. No further documentation is needed if the income reported by the applicant and the electronic data sources both show income below, at, or above the relevant Medicaid eligibility threshold. If there is a difference — for example, if the applicant claims income below the eligibility level and the data source shows income above it — states request documentation to resolve the difference.[11] Similarly states must ask enrollees for documentation if the state receives information from electronic data sources suggesting the enrollee may no longer be eligible for coverage.[12]

This verification process occurs regardless of whether the application process starts at the federal marketplace or the state Medicaid agency. When someone applies at the federal marketplace and appears eligible for Medicaid, depending on the state, the marketplace either determines eligibility itself or transfers the case to the state Medicaid agency for a final determination. In no case does the federal marketplace simply accept the applicant’s assertions. In the nine states that choose to have the federal marketplace determine eligibility for Medicaid, it applies the state’s own eligibility rules and standard Medicaid verification procedures.[13] Regardless of whether the state or the marketplace determines eligibility, the applicant’s self-reported income is verified.[14]

Debt-Wracked Chinese Companies Dump US & Other Foreign Assets, Become Net Sellers Overseas for First Time

Defaults have continued unabated in 2019, amid worries about the accuracy of financial reporting by Chinese companies. Companies suddenly were out of funds and defaulted on debts, though they had piles of fake cash on their balance sheets that, upon further examination, did not to exist. Official concerns over fake financial statements reached such heights at the end of July that China’s regulators halted 46 IPOs and bond offerings.

And there have been some regional banks that were bailed out by the government to prevent their disorderly collapse and contagion. And credit has tightened. And companies are forced to deleverage.

Not good, but no surprise:

Trump’s Replacement for Bolton Is Also a Hawk

Getting close:

UN says deal reached on committee for new Syria constitution

Bad move by Trump:

Trump administration bars California from requiring cleaner cars

Calling it a "political vendetta," California Governor Gavin Newsom, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Mary Nichols, the state's top clean air regulator, said Trump's action would compromise public health and leave the U.S. auto industry behind in the global race to build electric vehicles.