Interesting & Important News & Analysis, December 4, 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, DAD! He’d be 100 today.

Exclusive Andrew Yang Interview: Is this his most radical policy?

Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang describes his drug policy and what inspired his approach.

Compliance teams not keeping pace with new collaboration tools

Boston-based firm completes largest 3D-printed building in world in Dubai

SF considers eviction protection for non-rent-controlled homes

I have zero interest in defending Donald Trump regarding the idea that Ukraine hacked the DNC. Maybe they did, but I’ve seen nothing from my sources even remotely suggesting they did. What I do want address for the umpteenth time is whether there’s proof Russia hacked the DNC. There isn’t. The article, “CrowdStrike, Ukraine, and the DNC server: Timeline and facts,” simply leans on claims.

As for the FBI forensics, it’s been my understanding all along that the FBI did not gather the data directly but obtained it secondhand from CrowdStrike. Also, the Intelligence Report contained a disclaimer that the Intelligence Community doesn’t do evidence but only does analysis. Only two of the three many signers had “high confidence.” Interestingly, the one who didn’t was the head of the NSA, the strongest US agency in terms of computer sophistication. Many computer-security experts found the Report comical rather than sound analysis.

IM RAT spy tool seller raided, busted, kicked offline

So far, it’s only for Linux.

Cherry’s Secure Board 1.0 Encrypts Every Keystroke & Has Smart Card Reader


Alphabet Inc.’s Google dismissed the four employees on Nov. 25. In an email distributed to its staff, the company cited “clear and repeated violations” of data security policies, saying the engineers had accessed documents “outside the scope of their jobs.” The employees — Rebecca Rivers, Laurence Berland, Paul Duke, and Sophie Waldman — disputed those allegations in an interview with Bloomberg News. They said were fired for organizing opposition to Google’s work with federal Customs and Border Protection, and for other workplace advocacy.

Google’s ‘Thanksgiving Four’ to File Federal Labor Complaint

… The Texas Tribune found that the TCEQ, which is responsible for administering federal clean air laws, fined fewer than 1% of so-called “emissions events” — when a facility emits more air pollution than is allowed by its permits — in 2016. While most of the releases don’t pose imminent threat of fire or explosion, some do.

When the TCEQ did fine companies, those penalties often make up a sliver of revenues and profits — even when the emissions events were potentially catastrophic — and the commission often waives a portion of them if the companies agree to address the underlying issue in a timely manner.

The Port Neches incident comes a week after the EPA gutted the so-called Chemical Disaster Rule — safety regulations enacted by the Obama administration that strengthened a decades-old EPA program designed to prevent and mitigate chemical disasters.

Texas Plant Rocked by Explosions Was Declared High Priority Violator by EPA

The last time Bernie ran for President, I was extremely critical of the fact that he had no chops concerning foreign policy. Well, since then, he’s developed some chops.

Bernie splits from Warren with embrace of far-left foreign leaders

He’s not good enough yet concerning Israel, but he’s capable of evolving. He’s capable of finally standing against all ethnocracies.

Anyway, Bernie needs to make foreign policy just as big a deal as he’s made M4A. He needs to pretty much evenly split his time campaigning between domestic and foreign policy issues. He should back away from all the “impeachment” garbage coming from Schiff and Schiff’s ilk and instead focus on the specifics of issues. Adam Schiff and his group aren’t going to bring Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump that really state anything impeachable. That’s on purpose.

So, I’ve been waiting all along for a Sanders-Gabbard ticket. Gabbard would be a hugely positive addition to a Sanders General-Election push.

I wrote at the start of the campaign that Biden and Warren won’t make it. Warren then did better than I expected. When that happened, I thought maybe I’d underestimated the power of centrism in the rank and file of the Party. However, I was right in the first place. The Party is really split with a rather large gap between Warren and everyone to her right versus the Sanders-wing. Warren’s M4A tax-plan went over like a lead balloon because it was rightly seen as foot-dragging. That proved to me that corporatism is really on the outs, which is a good thing. I’m glad my initial analysis proved out.

Don’t cave in. Let the anti-democratic, Stalinist, megalomaniac Xi fall apart.

China capex growth hits three-year low as weak economy, trade war drag

Worse than Watergate? Dream on.

The Smoking Gun Tape