News & Analysis, Jan. 19, 2020

Just in case people are unaware and contrary to the propaganda flying all about, Vladimir Putin is definitely not seeking to be the leader of Russia for life.

The US government says US children do not have a right to a livable climate. The Declaration of Independence expressly states those same children have the right to life. Therefore, the US government is saying we fought a revolutionary war to guarantee those same children the right to life but didn’t really mean it. It was all a ploy so corporations could make money while destroying a climate capable of sustaining the lives of those children. If the government does not change its position, those children have every bit as much right to conduct a revolution as did those who conducted the first. Think about it.

The 21 children and young adults had accused federal officials and oil industry executives of violating their due process right to a “climate system capable of sustaining human life,” by knowing for decades that carbon pollution poisons the environment but doing nothing about it.

The government argued that neither U.S. law or history supported the young people’s claim of a fundamental right to a “livable climate.”

Children, young adults cannot sue U.S. government over climate change: ruling

No easy fix yet:

“Elevated levels of PFAS have been found in many public and private water sources, and we need to regulate these compounds,” she said. “Companies need to be accountable for what they’re producing and releasing.”

Scientists found a new way to get ‘forever chemicals’ linked to cancer out of our water. They’re in the bloodstreams of 99% of Americans.

Watch this. Qaddafi’s son, Saif, was and remains an extremely important player in Libya. If he keeps to what his party has been saying is their and his agenda, he’d likely make the best choice to lead the country. He was always smart. He’s well-educated. He also did his best to give his father sound advice, some of which spared Libya from Western imperial aggression for many years. I think his father stopped listening enough, which lead to Muammar saying things that gave the West the excuses it wanted to attack Libya. None of that, however, excuses the personal-wealth accumulation by Muammar.

Gaddafi’s Ex-Spokesperson: Green Resistance Using Haftar’s Army as a Vehicle for Sovereign Libya!

We speak to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s former spokesperson Moussa Ibrahim about the upcoming Berlin Conference. He discusses why Germany has been chosen as the location to manage Libya’s crisis, how the West introduced chaos to Libya and has managed the chaos ever since, why Turkey is militarily backing the UN-backed government, the conditions of the Green Resistance’s alliance with General Haftar and their suspicions about him and more!