Usher’s News & Analysis, Feb. 5, 2020

So, Mike Bloomberg used some of his estimated $50B net worth to give $800K to the DNC, who abruptly changed the rules for the next debate so Mike could be included. Of course, the DNC could not possibly have been being deliberately anti-progressive with that move.

The Des Moines Register abruptly pulled the results of it’s polling right before the Iowa caucuses. They left someone out, but it’s impossible it was on purpose so they’d be able to withhold the polling results from the public.

Then, well, caucus day and night ended up being dragged out and dragged out and dragged out. It’s still being dragged out as I write this. However, again, there’s no way on Earth it was planned as another in a very long string of steps designed by the corrupt to hold down the quickly ascending progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party establishment never, ever lies, cheats, or steals. They’re all angels of light. Just ask them. There isn’t a corporatist warmonger in the bunch ready, willing, and able to sell his or her mother and first born for more wealth, power, and control.

Is it possible this is all a mere coincidence? I don’t have any hard evidence either way. I can only point to the clearly proven pattern of behavior and say that these recent happenings are certainly consistent with the pattern.

My point is that you’d be a sap to put it past them. At the very least, you should reserve judgment.

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Regardless, there’s enough proven corruption to merit throwing them all out of office.

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