Usher’s News & Analysis, Feb. 13, 2020

“If you’re ever wondering how six feet of snow can fall in the Cascades in one day, this is exactly how all that moisture is transported.”

The systems flow between 1,000 and 2,000 feet above the surface, with 80 mile-per-hour winds pushing the water vapor through the air ….

‘Rivers in the Sky’ Causing Billions in Flood Damage in U.S.


Though the identity of this group remains unknown, concerns have been raised that some may have links to the 2020 presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg, given that the Shadow Inc.-developed app used in Iowa was found to have ties to the Buttigieg campaign and the Iowa caucus chaos clearly benefited the Buttigieg campaign.

Concerns about possible connections between these tech and security consultants and the Buttigieg campaign have only grown since it was revealed that Nevada Democrats recently hired an organizer for Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign, Emily Goldman, as the Caucus’ Voter Protection Director, just weeks before the caucus is set to take place. Goldman also previously interned at the Brookings Institute, whose chair recently authored a piece in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Stop Bernie Sanders Now.” After Goldman’s connections to the Buttigieg [campaign] were revealed, she deleted her work history on LinkedIn and locked her Twitter account.

Despite Iowa Caucus Fiasco, Nevada Democrats Plan to Use New Software “Tool”

… it could mean that the labor market is starting to run out of steam. And that seems to be the more likely scenario – given how widespread it was by employment category and by region.

Some of the employment categories that have seen large drops in job openings are the usual suspects in beleaguered industries that we track here: brick-and-mortar retail, manufacturing, transportation, and oil and gas drilling.

But there are now new suspects in the services industries that we have been watching like a hawk for signs of weakness because services are 70% of the US economy, and it takes a decline in services for a recession to occur.

… if what we’re seeing here are the actual trends in job openings, and they don’t bounce back in a serious manner, we can expect to see declining employment a few months from now.

OK, it Gets Sticky: Job Openings Plunge the Most Since the Great Recession

Jeremy Corbyn opposes Julian Assange’s extradition at PMQs

‘Will the PM agree… that this extradition should be opposed and the rights of journalists and whistleblowers upheld for the good of all of us?’

More than two-thirds of migrants fleeing Central American region had family taken or killed

Is there any other candidate who has been more loathed and censored by the mainstream-corporate media? Of course there isn’t. We all know why she’s so loathed and censored: corporate militarism and empire; in short, violent greed at the expense of everything holy.

2020 Democratic candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard thanked her supporters as the results of the New Hampshire primary were coming in on Feb. 11. “No matter what happens here tonight, I want you to know that we have already been victorious. We have already been victorious because of what we have built here together,” Gabbard said. “As much as they have tried to erase us from this election, we’re still strong,” she said. Gabbard’s primary focus has been ending what she calls “regime change wars.”