Usher’s News & Analysis, Feb. 16, 2020

Cumbersome might be a word for the process of handling the new requirement. “So we have to deploy the license prep package, reboot, rescan for updates, install the new updates and reboot again?” asked someone identified only as Eric on Twitter. (He claimed he was an administrator for more than 15,000 Windows clients in Cincinnati.)

“That is correct,” replied the Windows Update Twitter account.

Microsoft springs last-minute demand on buyers of Windows 7 after-expiration support

As Ukraine fashions a new identity for itself, Ukrainians have been seeking inspiration from Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych and the other Nazi collaborators who piggy-backed on German military victories to advance the Ukrainian nationalist cause.

The trouble is that these Ukrainian nationalists, who proclaimed statehood in Lviv in 1941, were committed to more than just a tactical alliance with Nazi Germany. Their organization sympathized with Nazi ideas, too.

The Nazis regarded Jews, Poles and Russians as subhuman, and so did Stepan Bandera.

Fascism in Ukraine: the conspiracy of silence

Fallout from Soleimani assassination grows

Though the incident in Qamishli is a rare occurrence, as nearly all media reports have pointed out, it is likely a harbinger of the region-wide push that has seen countries like Syria and Iraq take a firmer posture towards the presence of American forces in their countries following the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in January.

At the time of his death, Soleimani, serving in a diplomatic capacity, had traveled to Baghdad in a civilian aircraft and was due to meet Iraq’s Prime Minister to discuss efforts to de-escalate regional tensions and promote Iraqi sovereignty at the time of his death. A well-known Iraqi militia leader, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, who many Iraqis credit with defeating Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq was also killed in the strike.

Scuffle Between Syrian Civilians and US Soldiers Reflects Increasing Hostility to US Troops

The Russians are correct.

The Russian defence ministry said earlier this week Turkey did not separate “fighters from the moderate opposition from terrorists,” referring to an agreed demilitarised zone within Idlib.

Turkey hits back at Russia claims over Syria’s Idlib

What the article doesn’t state is the fact that the Syrian military had been under constant attack from within Idlib by the forces Turkey supports there. The Syrian government held back for many weeks until it had finally had enough of the violations by those same Turkey-backed jihadis (many of whom are al Qaeda by simply another name).

Nobody likes him except for the hundreds of millions who do.

USA TODAY/Ipsos poll: For voters, Bernie Sanders outranks other Democrats – and Trump – on values, empathy

Missouri farm wins $265M in dicamba damage case

This is a terrible situation.

The fraught future of recycling

Recycling should be a nationalized (public) utility with strict training and enforcement. It would be a great place to create guaranteed federal jobs via the Green New Deal. In addition, many things shouldn’t be made in the first place.