Usher's News & Analysis, Mar. 5, 2020

Greta Thunberg embarrasses EU by savaging bloc's new climate law, calling it 'surrender'

Greta Thunberg attacked the EU's new law to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 as a "surrender" on Wednesday, humiliating the European Commission on the day the flagship legislation was launched.

The 17-year-old activist was invited to Brussels as the commission put forward a bill to make the target legally binding on its member states. The climate law is central to the European Green Deal, which includes a €100 billion package to help fossil fuel-dependent regions move to cleaner technologies.

Well, it appears to possibly be over for the Sanders campaign. Even if Warren were to throw in with him, which looks highly unlikely (I'd like her to surprise me), it would possibly be too late. The last wave of Sanders smears coupled with the pragmatic "establishment" dropping out of Buttigieg and Klobuchar with both endorsing Biden along with the lower turnout by the young pulled the rug out from under what there was of the Progressive Movement in the Sanders camp for now.

Many young voters sat out Super Tuesday, contributing to Bernie Sanders' losses

It does not mean the Progressive Movement is dead. It just means the Movement may have to wait for the young literally to grow up a bit more. They may pay the price for having sat it out.

The only things I see as possibly happening are as follows:

The Republicans start in on Biden about Ukraine. Things have been happening there that have been completely ignored by the "liberal" MSM. The Republicans would really have to go all out to force the issue and news onto the rest of the MSM.

Here's what the Sanders people need to emphasize. Trump would most likely beat Biden. Trump will go on to cause much more environmental damage while still supporting the mega-corporations over the People.

As I've said for decades, it has to get much worse before it gets better. We're still going downhill.

Will Bernie pull out all the stops? He's been playing softball with Biden the whole time. Sanders made a huge mistake backing Biden regarding the Trump phone call to Zelensky. Bernie must hammer on the laundry list of things that have been, and still are, wrong with Biden.

When will optimism stop letting me down? Anyway, the Democratic establishment will only have itself to blame, again, for not having fully embraced economic democracy and the truth.

What I'm wondering is whether Biden will offer the VP slot to Warren. She wouldn't pull real progressives in but would rally the more "liberal" crowd.

Let me start this one by making clear that I wrote the above deliberately before listening to Krystal Ball. Here she is.

Krystal Ball: Bernie can still win, here's how

"By driving carbon dioxide emissions to net-zero even faster than currently envisaged, it would be possible to avoid intact tropical forests becoming a large source of carbon to the atmosphere. But that window of possibility is closing fast," said Lewis.

'Alarming': Tropical Forests in Shift From Carbon Sponge to Carbon Source

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE):

... California, which pioneered the loan-like product, hit the industry with major new regulations, including requiring lenders to make sure homeowners can afford the tax and designating a state body to oversee the program.

But in Florida, where those protections don’t exist at the state level, the program is booming.

Popular Climate Change Mitigation Financing Plan Has Its Fans and Foes

Although few scam callers in the UK and the US see their money again, there is evidence that the Indian call centre operators have recently come under more pressure. In 2018, 16 call centres were raided by police, with a second bust netting another 28 centres in late 2019.

But there are hundreds that remain in operation. The business is simply too profitable to give up on.

Tech support scammers hacked back by vigilante