Usher’s News & Analysis, Mar. 18, 2020

To Trump and Mnuchin, do not send checks. Those without bank accounts that accept images of checks from smartphones and those without a smartphone would have to get the checks cashed in person. That would include many older people who shouldn’t be going to the bank or any other check-cashing outlet. Send debit cards that can be refilled and used online to pay for orders to be delivered.

Trump wants to send Americans checks ‘immediately’ in response to coronavirus, Mnuchin says

Nevada governor orders statewide shutdown of hotels, casinos, nonessential businesses

King County in Washington state has been hit particularly hard by the virus with 46 deaths reported in the county alone. … 30 are associated with the Life Care residential center in Kirkland, Washington ….

Coronavirus has now spread to all 50 states and DC, US death toll passes 100

If I were Bernie Sanders, I’d now drop out and start focusing on how to completely organize and fire up the Progressive Movement as never before, including if that means switching to the Green Party. Of course, Sanders won’t do it, which is exactly why the youth were ho-hum this time relative to 2016, when he also let them down by supporting Clinton and by not going after the deep corruption in the Democratic Party, which with Clinton’s campaign, blatantly cheated the Progressive Movement.

Biden crushes Sanders in primary sweep of Florida, Illinois, Arizona

Why hasn’t Sanders understood where money comes from and then used that as his answer rather than taxes?

Bernie Sanders reveals ‘major plans’ to be funded by new taxes, massive lawsuits, military cuts

… Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin just announced that taxpayers are getting a three-month extension for paying their 2019 taxes.

Good News: U.S. Tax Filing Deadline Extended Due to COVID-19

I’d tell my client there’s no coverage for it. If I were a judge, that’s the way I’d rule too. They did not charge premium to cover a pandemic.

The policy does have an exclusion for viruses or pandemics, the suit says.

Restaurant Asks Court to Declare Coronavirus Shutdown Covered By Insurance Policy

I distance myself from the articles statements concerning taxes, sanitizing everything, and claiming Trump and the Republicans in general are being racist and xenophobic concerning the Covid-19/Wuhan virus situation.

Taxes are not the way to pay for what’s needed. Simply issues the money without borrowing is the right method. Taxes can be used to keep inflation in check if necessary, but there are other ways and better ways I won’t go into now.

Sanitizing everything, as in overly sanitizing, is an invitation to increasing super bacteria. We’ve been over doing general sanitizing for decades, and super bugs have been on the rise as a direct result. Sanitize only what’s necessary. If you have to wipe everything down every single time people meet, then the people shouldn’t be meeting. There are situations where there’s no choice of course.

As for the charges of racism and xenophobia, there are racists and xenophobes in the Republicans’ ranks, but lumping all Republicans together as racist is just false propaganda and serves no reasonable purpose. It’s mostly bad politicking.

Otherwise, the article’s fairly decent.

Now is the Time for Solidarity: DSA National Statement on COVID-2019/Es la hora de solidaridad: Comunicación nacional de DSA acerca de COVID-19

This one pounds with the racism charge. As I said, there is racism. However, the card can be overly played.

Demands from Grassroots Organizers Concerning COVID-19

It’s like an extended free trial.

SentinelOne makes security platform free to support remote workers

I think he’s right about nationalization and that it’s a war.

De Blasio urges ‘nationalization’ of key industries, calls coronavirus outbreak a ‘war-like situation’

Rather inhumane to say the least:

… the animals could become infected through their eyes, which means wearing a face mask may not be enough to protect people from the disease.

… in some provinces such as Guangdong up to 14 per cent of the discharged patients had reportedly returned to hospital because of the test results.

If it turns out that these patients had been reinfected by the same virus, then vaccines will not prove effective.

But the monkey experiment carried out by a team from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences may help dispel that fear.

Hopes for coronavirus vaccine rise after Chinese scientists find infected monkeys developed immunity

U.S. Evacuates ‘Smaller’ Bases In Iraq Amid Increasing Rocket Attacks On Its Forces

Victoria Meitch – Walking and Falling