Usher’s News & Analysis, Mar. 19, 2020

Tenants will have six months after the end of the emergency proclamation to make rent payments they missed, Supervisor Hilda Solis said.

President Trump said Wednesday that he had ordered federal housing officials to suspend residential evictions and foreclosures until the end of April.

For commercial landlords, evicting a tenant is a drastic measure likely to harm both parties, and real estate brokers say they are instead renegotiating leases to secure reduced rents or even months of free rent for businesses on the ropes.

Similar deals were cut in previous economic recessions ….

“The bank is the landlord’s landlord,” real estate broker Jay Luchs said. “Are the banks going to do anything?”

So far, he said, banks have not offered relief to their landlord mortgagors.

… the federal government is best positioned to block the collapse of small businesses, perhaps in part through emergency funding to help them survive and pay rent.

“An ordinance to put it all on the landlord is not the right solution,” he said. “We have to work with all parties, not just one. The building owner has to survive as well.”

L.A. moratorium on business evictions could squeeze landlords

What you need to be covered from coronavirus and other outbreaks

To be covered against any business losses due to a communicable disease, such as COVID-19, you would need to have purchased an additional endorsement to your policy. Depending on the type of business you own, your agent or broker can tailor your endorsement to your business needs. For example, if you own a small convenience store, it might cover wages for employees who are sick and can’t show up for work due to a communicable disease outbreak.

At this time you might not be able to buy this type of endorsement. After the outbreak is over and the market’s stabilized, contact your insurance agent or insurance company directly to see if they even offer it.

Coronavirus: Insurance information for businesses

Watch for the rate to drop to address the pandemic’s negative impact.

… loans may be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills that can’t be paid because of the disaster’s impact. The interest rate is 3.75% for small businesses.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)SBA Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus

The study, published Thursday in the journal Science, estimated that river flow declines by about 9% with every 1.8 degrees in temperature increase.

Climate Change Threatens Colorado River And the Water Supply for 40 Million People

… while most develop mild or moderate symptoms, a small percentage — especially babies and preschoolers — can become seriously ill.

Children and coronavirus: Research finds some become seriously ill

It’s the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the sprawling shelter system serving 58,000 homeless New Yorkers at 450 sites.

Woman tests positive for coronavirus at city homeless shelter

To protect inmates and the nation from COVID-19, release offenders who pose no threat

Nearly half of COVID-19 patients enrolled in the study conducted in the Hubei province of China presented digestive symptoms, such as diarrhea and anorexia, and cited it as their chief complaint.

Digestive symptoms are prominent among COVID-19 patients reveals study in The American Journal of Gastroenterology

… more millennials in Italy and France had gotten sick than anticipated because they failed to heed warnings about large gatherings after initials warnings that focused on the elderly.

Millennials may be at a higher risk for catching coronavirus, official says

Along with beds and ventilators, hospitals also need physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and other health-care workers — not to mention cleaning crews and other employees. They’re all at risk for contracting coronavirus, too.

“If the health care team starts dwindling because of positive health care tests, that will become problematic,” said Timothy Myers, a respiratory therapist and chief business officer of the American Association for Respiratory Care, USA Today reported.

Even without the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus, health care workers can only work for so long under crushing loads of critically ill patients, doctors say.

“Part of it is just exhausting our personnel,” said Dr. David Hill, a pulmonary critical care physician and a spokesperson for the American Lung Association, CNN reported. “Health care is complicated and people make mistakes when they’re overworked.”

Surging US coronavirus cases are a ‘time bomb’ for hospitals, experts warn

South Korea

… put in place a rigorous screening program, with more than 200,000 people tested, about 1 in every 250 people. Testing is fast (about 10 minutes) and free (the government pays) and the results are usually sent by text within 24 hours.

These countries are doing the best and worst jobs fighting coronavirus

Democrats have already signaled they’ll be looking to expand sick leave for workers in the next bill as well. That’s likely to be a stumbling block with Republicans who control the Senate.

Do Senate Republicans want to lose the Presidency? Even Donald Trump knows that now is not the time to be stingy with the People.

That said, we must take the power of the purse away from those who have it. The power belongs in the hands of the People collectively, who should be the ones deciding in a transparent setting how much money supply there is and who gets how much of it and why. The power to create money without increasing taxes on anyone and without borrowing a dime is right there for the taking.

Congress weighs cash for Americans, lifelines for business after Trump signs coronavirus sick leave bill

“People experiencing homelessness are among the most vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19,” Newsom said. “Helping these residents is critical to protecting public health, flattening the curve and slowing the spread of COVID-19.”

Newsom said $100 million in funding will go directly to local jurisdictions — including Los Angeles — to boost shelter capacity and increase emergency housing.

An additional $50 million will be aimed at buying travel trailers and leasing hotels, motels and other facilities in an effort to provide space for those without homes to practice social distancing or be quarantined if they test positive for the virus or have symptoms of COVID-19.

Newsom announces $150 million to address coronavirus risk for homeless people

Some lawmakers were concerned for small business unable to afford the cost of paid leave.

An earlier version of the bill was more expansive with employee protections, Goodman said. But the rolled-back version given to the Senate provides tax credits for businesses required to pay employees.

Workers forced to leave jobs because of coronavirus to get paid under new Senate bill

Can you leave home with ‘shelter-in-place’ order in effect during coronavirus crisis? Yes, under certain circumstances

Smartest suggestion he’s ever made:

… if companies were to use the money solely to keeping paying workers, they would not have to pay the loan back, Rubio said.

Sen. Marco Rubio wants to offer small businesses money so they can keep paying their employees

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, these credit cards companies are offering financial hardship assistance

The administration would create a “small business interruption loan program” targeted at businesses with fewer than 500 employees that would cover six weeks of payroll. The amount for each employee’s wages would be capped at $1,540 per week, or about $80,000 a year.

Trump administration seeks 2 rounds of checks to Americans in massive coronavirus response

… limit the biological exposure of their most critical operations teams to prevent them from being quarantined—which is often easier said than done, given that they’re free to mingle with potentially infected people during their off-hours. “It’s a real touchy subject,” says Slowik. “You need them available at the office, and you can only restrict them to a certain extent—because we’re not China–so how does that balance out?”

High-Stakes Security Setups Are Making Remote Work Impossible

If food-chain workers, from farming to retail delivery to end users, get sick, we’re all in trouble.

“Don’t go around feeling as unhealthy as you fear.” I like that.

… if too much of the lung is damaged and not enough oxygen is supplied to the rest of the body, respiratory failure could lead to organ failure and death.

Viscidi stresses that outcome is uncommon for the majority of patients infected with coronavirus. Those most at risk to severe developments are older than 70 and have weak immune responses. Others at risk include people with pulmonary abnormalities, chronic disease or compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients who have gone through chemotherapy treatment.

Viscidi urges to public to think of the coronavirus like the flu because it goes through the same process within the body. Many people contract the flu and recover with no complications.

“People should remember that they’re as healthy as they feel,” he said. “And shouldn’t go around feeling as unhealthy as they fear.”

A visual guide of coronavirus infection, symptoms of COVID-19 and the effects of the virus inside the body, in graphics

… of the 508 patients known to have been hospitalized, 38 percent were notably younger — between 20 and 54. And nearly half of the 121 patients who were admitted to intensive care units were adults under 65, the C.D.C. reported.

The report included no information about whether patients of any age had underlying risk factors, such as a chronic illness or a compromised immune system. So, it is impossible to determine whether the younger patients who were hospitalized were more susceptible to serious infection than most others in their age group.

Younger Adults Comprise Big Portion of Coronavirus Hospitalizations in U.S.


The Biden campaign was afraid the pandemic would keep voters at home. Rather than appeal to officials to delay primaries, they cynically tweeted, “The right to vote is the most sacred American right there is. State election officials are working closely with public officials to hold safe elections.”

Older voters are most vulnerable to death during this pandemic, and they have turned out in larger numbers in 2020 to make Biden the Democratic Party’s nominee. They are eager to vote for him and beat President Donald Trump in November.

Tragically, a number of them may not be alive in November, and the public may never know exactly how many elderly people died because of the deranged push to hold in-person voting during the pandemic.

Well, they get what they voted for: ineptitude, corruption, and complete lack of real vision.

The Coronavirus Primaries Were Illegitimate Elections

If it’s not enforced, it’s not an order but a request.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf extended a shutdown order Monday to the entire state of Pennsylvania in an effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus, although he also maintained that he will not send the National Guard or state police to force businesses to close or stop events.

Governor Wolf Orders COVID-19 Shutdown Across Pennsylvania

This is an order, not a request.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI) has issued a directive to all licensed Tennessee insurance carriers that cancellations/non-renewals for non-payment of insurance premiums on all lines are to be suspended for up to 60 days for Tennessee insurance policyholders affected by the March 3, 2020 storms.

Tennessee Regulator Places Moratorium on Policy Cancellation of Tornado Victims

Louisiana’s health department is leading a study to see how many people living nearby have been diagnosed with cancer.

Louisiana Chemical Plant Asks Regulators to Allow Higher Emissions of Potential Toxin

Ultrasonic Attack Device Hacks Phones through Solid Objects

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned Republican senators on Tuesday that the country’s unemployment rate could hit 20% if they failed to act on a proposed coronavirus rescue package and there was lasting economic damage, a person familiar with the closed-door meeting said.

The warning was similar to one issued to U.S. lawmakers at the depths of the 2008 financial crisis, when Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke went to Capitol Hill to urge passage of a $700 billion plan to buy toxic mortgage assets.

They told lawmakers here that inaction could devastate an already weak economy, sending the jobless rate soaring. Congress ultimately passed the plan and later stimulus measures to tackle the crisis. Unemployment peaked at 10.2% in October 2009.

That stimulus was way too small.

Mnuchin warns senators of 20% U.S. unemployment without coronavirus rescue -source

As fallout from the coronavirus pandemic hits the economy, it’s slamming the American workforce: Some 18% of adults reported that they had been laid off or that their work hours had been cut, a new poll found.

The proportion affected grew for lower-income households, with 25% of those making less than $50,000 a year reporting that they had been let go or had their hours reduced ….

18% of U.S. workers have lost jobs or hours since coronavirus hit, poll finds

Coronavirus Pandemic: British Elites Did Not See Themselves as Part of the Herd in ‘Herd Immunity’

We speak to Professor Rupert Read, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Extinction Rebellion Spokesperson, about the British government’s coronavirus response. He discusses why Boris Johnson chose the ‘herd immunity’ response even though it would result in hundreds of thousands of Britons dying, how the British population is actually ahead of the government in terms of Coronavirus response, how Britain’s response is completely at odds with the rest of the world and more!

Lockerbie Bombing: Libyans Punished for a Crime They Did Not Commit! (Aamer Anwar)

We speak to Aamer Anwar, the lawyer of the family of the convicted Lockerbie Bomber about the Lockerbie Bombing case. He discusses the consequences of the court decision being overturned, saying it would mean Britain and the United States have been living a monumental lie and that the Libyan people would have been punished for a crime they did not commit! He also alleges a cover-up to blame Libya and points the finger of blame at Iran.

What I’ve been preaching for over a decade closing in on 2:

Krystal Ball: Bailouts show “how will you pay for it” is a con

Krystal Ball examines the hypocrisy in the responses of Establishment Democrats when it comes to Medicare for All.

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