Usher’s News & Analysis, Mar. 22, 2020

Editorial: The Psychology of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19

I believe the disease will fall to zero with the seasonal change just as happens with the flu virus. I also believe, therefore, the estimates for possible infections and deaths have been way overblown.

It seems to me that the only reason it’s as bad as it is, is due to a too-little, too-late approach. I’m not pointing the finger at any individual in authority in particular. Not one person with enough power used that power quickly enough. Not one has even yet exercised enough power in my view.

That said and going forward, I’m for extremely rapid and thorough local lockdowns the very moment it’s known a virus has arrived in the locale. I’m also for thorough tracing of everyone who had, or has, contact with infected/contagious individuals. If necessary, an entire county, metro area, state, or the whole nation should be sealed off.

It’s my position that these procedures would be vastly superior to vaccines, which always come with negative side effects that are debilitating or even deadly for certain people. This is no “conspiracy theory,” not that all conspiracy theories are wrong. It’s a proven fact well-documented by the federal government.

The overstatements made by supposed experts are likely due to the expected psychological impacts of such statements. If the general public can be convinced that the worst could happen, then the general public will likely comply enough to curb and end a pandemic, endemic, or epidemic. However, I do not condone the approach.

The approach appears designed to allow authorities to wait too long or to not exercise their full authority in circumstances where rapid and thorough local lockdowns at the pre-epidemic stage would be best.

Here’s an example statement I see as weak.

He [CA Governor Newsom] doesn’t plan to enforce the order “with a hammer,” but said authorities hope social pressure, along with up-to-date and detailed messaging, will go a long way.

He’s far from the only one who “orders” people to stay home but than grants loopholes you can drive a virus through, which will only serve to prolong and widen the spread.

The right approach is to have in place a system that will allow rapid and thorough local lockdowns at the pre-epidemic stage, which system would necessarily include full funding for everyone impacted and proper transport, facilities, equipment, and supplies, including testing packages. Those placed in quarantine should be treated like their living in a 5-star hotel as much as possible while the highest standards for containment of any virus or the like is maintained until the all-clear is given.

The system I’ve just outlined would save the most all the way around, and I’m not simply referring to dollars but am also referring to sparing the most people from pain, suffering, and death.

We’re being lied to about how bad the Spanish Flu was compared to the Wuhan/SARS-CoV-2 virus. There’s a false-propaganda/historical revisionism effort ongoing to try to make us falsely believe the current situation is already as bad in terms of the percentage that die relative to those who become infected. The “authorities” have recently lowered the Spanish Flu percentage to only a little more than 10% of the historical percentage used in the following documentary. The historical percentage was typically 20%. For obvious reasons, I believe the traditional figure is much closer to what really happened than what we’re being told today. Now, why are they lying? They’re up to no good.

[Posted Oct 1, 2018] 1918 Spanish Flu historical documentary | Swine Flu Pandemic | Deadly plague of 1918

Senate Dems propose additional $200 in monthly Social Security benefits, amid coronavirus outbreak

Richard Ebright, a professor of chemical biology at Rutgers University, said in an interview with the Washington Post: “Based on the virus genome and properties there is no indication whatsoever that it was an engineered virus.”

The coronavirus may have originated in a Chinese laboratory is still true as far as all the “experts” know. Those experts are simply saying that they don’t think it did. They aren’t saying they have 100% proof it didn’t. I’m not saying it did. The underground actually suggests that if anything like that happened, the most likely scenario is that a Chinese scientist visiting a lab in Canada may have stolen it from there.

If you’re going to “fact check,” it would be helpful to be logical.

Fact check: Did the coronavirus originate in a Chinese laboratory?

Keeping paychecks flowing for workers not at work is a top priority for both Democrats and Republicans as jobless claims skyrocket.

But how best to send direct payments to Americans — as one-time stipends, ongoing payroll support or unemployment checks — is a crucial debate.

Lawmakers on conference calls with leaders this week said they preferred not to board airplanes amid the virus outbreak. Despite calls to change the rules, Congress does not have a mechanism in place for remote voting.

Congress toils on $1-trillion rescue

The governor also said that K.R. Sridhar, the CEO of Bloom Energy, agreed to help quickly modernize some 200 older ventilators that the state has on hand. The original manufacturer, Newsom said, had estimated doing so would take about a month.

“K.R. sent me a photo today, I’m not making this up, of 24 specific ventilators that he got done in just a few hours,” the governor said. “You’re already seeing this manifest certainly in the state of California and I’ve got to imagine that it’s replicated in other parts of the country.”

Newsom moves California to ‘targeted’ testing, enlists Musk and Cook in coronavirus fight

Short editorial: We’re proving we can go on a war footing in no time to fight a virus. Let’s not fail to understand we can do the same thing to fight global warming and anything else we want to fight (try poverty).

“We are seeing people who have never had to ask for help before.”

Coronavirus: Food bank leaders say governors deployment of National Guard desperately neededBay Area food bank leaders say the help is desperately needed

The following was written by John Yoo of torture-memo infamy.

… Trump tarried while the pandemic began its deadly spread. The real saviors of the nation now will be different executives, those of the states. To the extent that their drastic responses force the pandemic to recede, they will end up saving Trump from his initial lack of executive leadership. It will be their success, or lack thereof, that will determine whether the country feels secure enough to reelect Trump or replace him with new leadership.

Pandemic Federalism

When should at least part of King County, Washington have been locked down?

On January 21, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Washington State Department of Health announced the first case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States in Washington State.

2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

This is interesting and helpful. If you have a sudden loss of sense of smell, it could be that you’re coming down with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The test from California-based Cepheid will deliver results in about 45 minutes ….

The test will begin shipping next week.

FDA authorizes first rapid, ‘point of care’ coronavirus test

All these concerns suggest that uncoordinated lockdowns will go on for months, if not for one or two years. Is this affordable? …

To summarize, we’re facing economic and, potentially, health Armageddon unless we develop a true national strategy. While testing is ramping up, we are still far behind relative to other countries.

Immediately quarantine in place all non-essential workers in all states for as long as needed to produce hundreds of millions of tests kits, produce tens of thousands of ventilators, masks, hazmat suits, and other essential Coronavirus-fighting medical equipment, develop capacity to test millions upon millions of Americans, and develop a nationwide electronic medical-record database that can physically track and contact everyone in the country. If we could build entire B-24 bombers inside an hour during WWII, we can do these things.

… When an outbreak occurs, the area needs to be quickly locked down and a cadre of health detectives need to track down, isolate, and test anyone who was in close contact with the person infected. This is the method South Korea is successfully using to limit reemergence. We also need to spend the national lockdown period in testing, on a random basis, households in each county of the country and collect other data, which can be used to determine those counties that are safe enough to go back to work and those that are not.

A Coronavirus End Game That Avoids A Depression

This is the worst news I’ve heard. It points exactly to the problem with our economic system. We’re treating critically important workers like dogs. If I were a politician, I’d make fixing this one of my highest priorities. At any rate, this is excellent reporting!

Some warehouse workers said supervisors had rebuffed them when they pleaded for bleach, masks, gloves and a ready supply of hand sanitizer. In some facilities, even hand soap and paper towels are scarce, employees said. Employees continue to be jammed shoulder to shoulder along conveyor belts and required to maintain rituals such as security pat-downs.

‘Terrified’ package delivery employees are going to work sick

Changing the subject for a bit:

Road Inventions That Will Change Your Life!

Why do so many Republicans want Biden to be the nominee?

… one of the super PAC’s ads recycled an attack against Sanders from 2016 and declared, “Democrats want a nominee who’s a Democrat. An Obama-Biden Democrat.” Yet, that ad was funded by Republican donors.

Republicans, Including A Trump Supporter, Funded Joe Biden’s Super PAC In February

Cuba’s Interferon Alpha 2B, Successful in Treating COVID-19

To avoid driving the federal debt into the stratosphere, the Treasury could borrow directly from the central bank interest-free, with an agreement that the debt would remain on the Fed’s books indefinitely. That approach has been tested in Japan, where it has not generated price inflation as austerity hawks have insisted it would. The Bank of Japan has purchased nearly 50 percent of the government’s debt, yet consumer price inflation remains below the BOJ’s 2 percent target.

Rather than just a stake in the profits, the government could think a bit further outside the box and turn insolvent airlines, oil companies, and banks into public utilities. It could require them to serve the people and the economy rather than just maximizing the short-term profits of their shareholders.

Socialism at Its Finest after Fed’s Bazooka Fails

Our favorite media screw-ups: Jonathan Chait admits he was wrong about Tulsi Gabbard

He’ll still have a megaphone, though, while others who are almost always right will go unheard. Why? Corporatism.

Krystal and Saagar mock Biden’s pathetic outdated crisis approach