Usher’s News & Analysis for June 22, 2020

If all lives matter, then all Honduran lives matter. The US created and supported banana republic of Honduras:

“The people have received nothing, and when they go out to protest for food what they receive is repression.” In a separate interview, Alvarado, a lawyer and member of a group of women defenders of environmental and human rights in El Progreso, Yoro, highlighted that the United States has consistently been implicated in bankrolling and manufacturing the weapons used to repress Hondurans who take to the streets demanding their rights, including in recent demonstrations for food.

It’s Not Just Covid That Has Hondurans Starving. It’s Also U.S. Policy.

“Today’s launch of the expedited arbitration claim marks an important milestone in our campaign to force Hiscox to do the right thing and honor its obligations,” said Mak Killick, co-founder of the Hiscox Action Group, in a statement accompanying the arbitration announcement.

According to the issued policies, Hiscox has no obligation to pay for such pandemic losses. Hiscox, however, may be trying to avoid stating the claims are frivolous.

Hiscox Policyholders File $50M Arbitration Claim in COVID Business Interruption Dispute

Too Big to Fail all over again or something worse?

BlackRock got a bailout with no debate in Congress, no “penalty” interest rate of the sort imposed on states and cities borrowing in the Fed’s Municipal Liquidity Facility, no complicated paperwork or waiting in line for scarce Small Business Administration loans, no strings attached. It just quietly bailed itself out.

It might be argued that this bailout was good and necessary, since the market was saved from a disastrous “doom loop,” and so were the pension funds and the savings of millions of investors.

BlackRock is doing what it’s allowed to do. If the People don’t like it, they need to change the rules of the game.

How many of us do something we’d rather not do, something we think is really not fair, but do it anyway because we think it’s too costly not to? I can’t say BlackRock looks at it that way, but it appears they’re basically playing by the rules. They don’t strike me as Enron.

Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid

The report – and the industry overall – points at pandemic-induced moves from multi-family buildings in big cities, such as condo towers with elevators, to houses in the suburbs, with commutes being made less arduous by work-from-home arrangements.

So we will see down the road if a “move to the suburbs” is one of the permanent changes that the pandemic has initiated.

Home Sales Plunged Most since 2008, Condos -41%. First-Ever April-May Price Drop in Normally Red-Hot Spring Selling Season

A moratorium on evictions that New York State imposed during the coronavirus pandemic expired over the weekend, raising fears that tens of thousands of residents struggling in the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression will be called into housing courts, which reopened on Monday.

“All levels of government have to realize that they cannot let tens of thousands of people end up in homeless shelters,” said Edward Josephson, the director of litigation and housing at Legal Services NYC. “It’s the most dire thing that we have ever seen.”

“It is clear that the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic are nowhere near an end,” said Jay Martin, the executive director of the Community Housing Improvement Program, or CHIP, which represents about 4,000 property owners. “There are thousands of tenants and building owners who need help now.”

The past three months have been extremely difficult not only for tenants, but also for smaller landlords.

About 25 percent of renters have not paid rent in May, April and June, according to a survey by CHIP. About 20 percent of the landlords represented by the group said they were concerned about losing their properties.

A Moratorium on Evictions Ends, Leaving Thousands of Tenants Fearful

… the federal government should fund, and the state should develop, a rental assistance program administered outside the court system to help tenants facing income losses pay arrears. Tenants should have access to assistance before receiving a rent demand or court papers.

Alternatively, make landlords apply for assistance on behalf of their tenants before they can turn to the courts for help.

Where’s Trump on this?

To fix Housing Court, keep it closed: A government-funded rental assistance program would better help tenant and landlord alike

Can someone who can debunk everything anti-Maduro in the following linked article publish it in The Washington Post? No. You get the neocon false-propaganda side in the WaPo. The fact is, fascists are the opposition to Maduro. Maduro is a democrat. The fascists against him are anti-democratic. Those fascists would pull the rug right out from under the poor and take away what little voice they have now that the US has had sanctions on Venezuela to weaken Venezuela so the neoliberal fascists can take completely over so the minerals of Venezuela can be stripped to enrich plutocrats in the US and elsewhere.

Trump backtracks on a meeting with Venezuela’s Maduro after chorus of criticism

How Big Agriculture & Capitalism Are Making Pandemics Like Coronavirus More Likely (Rob Wallace)

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Rob Wallace, author of ‘Big Farms Make Big Flu’. He discusses how in recent history, deforestation and land use changes driven by global capital have caused more epidemics, his own experience battling Coronavirus, why the emergency response to Coronavirus has a side-effect of making the population see the structural causes of deadly pathogens, for-profit science and why it is ineffective at solving problems such as deadly pathogens, China’s level of responsibility for Coronavirus, how leaving airports open was instrumental in the rise of Coronavirus as a pandemic, whether Coronavirus will kill of the World Health Organisation and more!

We all should know by now that COVID-19 is surging in the US and in many other places even where it had been said it was put to sleep. We all should also know why COVID-19 is surging in those places too: wrongheaded “leaders” lifting prematurely or never locking down in the first place. Therefore, I’m not going to cover it as much until something changes. Everyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows I’ve always been for tight lockdowns until there’s an ALL-CLEAR. They know I’ve called for the federal government to bail out everything and everyone with new money without issuing any bonds too.

Lifting the lockdowns prematurely reminds me of opening China prematurely: same wrongheadedness.

Krystal and Saagar: Studies PROVE even limited economic relief saved millions from poverty

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