Usher’s News & Analysis for June 23, 2020

As awareness of the true scope of vaccine injury becomes widespread, hate speech, discrimination and censorship against victims of vaccine injury or anyone questioning the vaccine program is increasing exponentially. Baseless attacks on suffering families and hate-filled rhetoric towards concerned citizens are sadly being carried out by politicians, public figures and medical professionals. Censorship and the same hate speech and divisiveness is also being promulgated by mainstream media while using the derogatory term “antivaxxer”- a label incorrectly applied to parents of vaccine injured children.

Join Us in Sacramento June 23rd: A Call for Change!

“It’s undisputed that fluoride will pass through the placenta into the brain of the fetus. It’s undisputed that babies who are bottle fed with fluoridated water receive the highest doses of fluoride in our population at the moment of greatest vulnerability. It’s undisputed that fluoride damages the brain.”

“We have 4 high quality cohort studies. Each has found associations between early life exposures to fluoride and lowered IQ…by around 5 IQ points. The effect size rivals the neurotoxic effects of lead.”

… we have 2 million pregnant mothers in fluoridated areas and over 400,000 exclusively formula-fed babies in fluoridated areas, all presently being exposed to fluoride-contaminated drinking water.

Fluoride Toxicity Trial Update

On this blog, I mentioned problems with Zoom as soon as possible when the virus hit and people started moving to working from home.

Zoom 5 moves toward security

I knew this was a problem; however, I had no idea it is as bad as it is, and it’s going to get worse, perhaps much worse, if we don’t force this to the forefront so it will be funded in our infrastructure stimulus-spending.

The following link is to a very good bit of journalism.

Leaks from abandoned wells have long been recognized as an environmental problem, a health hazard and a public nuisance. They have been linked to dozens of instances of groundwater contamination by research commissioned by the Groundwater Protection Council, whose members include state ground water agencies. Orphaned wells have been blamed for a slew of public safety incidents over the years, including a methane blowout at the construction site of a waterfront hotel in California last year.

…The agency believes most of the methane comes from the more than 2 million abandoned wells it estimates were never properly plugged.

Millions of Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Pose Environmental, Health Risks

The report explained that the majority of micro-firms in many sectors have nobody managing cyber security. “The smallest transport and distribution firms look particularly vulnerable with 59% saying they have no such role, either internal or external.”

Another explanation for the vulnerability of smaller companies is their lack of effective countermeasures. “Analysis of the data suggests firms with fewer than 12 computers, and where anti-virus or anti-spyware was not deployed consistently across the organization, were particularly likely to be super targets.”

Business Cyber Losses Soar but Firms Fight Back with Extra Security Spending: Study

Fireworks may have started a fire that destroyed a three-story apartment building in Yonkers, injured 12 firefighters and left six families homeless, a fire department official said Sunday.

Bad article title: Fireworks Blamed for Fire That Destroyed New York Apartment Building

The following seems really strange to me because online behavior can be vastly more easily documented than unrecorded office-behavior.

Crucially, just as many are at their most strained emotionally, the boundaries between work and private life have blurred, which can facilitate harassment. Take the explosion of video calls and meetings. Colleagues, as well as customers and other contacts, are now regularly brought into the intimacy of our homes. Working out of our kitchens and living rooms can lead people to let their guard down and be more informal or in some cases inappropriate. A comment about a nice bookcase in the background can all too easily be followed by unsolicited remarks about a person’s appearance or by an improper joke – an uncomfortable situation I have experienced myself.

Bullying and Harassment Increase for Some Workers in Pandemic Lockdown: Opinion

Of course, there is such a thing as being overly sensitive: taking offense too easily or where none is intended. We have to be mindful of that and ask for clarification to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

While it is true that President Maduro’s government is facing hard sanctions, it would also be wrong to paint a too rosy picture when it comes to describing the political and economic circumstances during Chavez’s presidency. Chavez lived through a brief but successful coup d’etat and multiple coup attempts; a lockout that brought oil production practically to zero; as well as long periods with low oil prices.

However, his presidency was characterized by a strong social focus, a permanent commitment to defending workers’ salaries, a transfer of power to communities and workers, a strengthening of the role of the state in the economy through price and currency controls, an important set of nationalizations, and so on. Finally, in the last three years of Chavez’s presidency, there was a firm commitment to supporting communes and other new economic actors.

If those are the key characteristics of Chavez’s economic (and social) policy, then we can safely say that the current government is going in a totally different direction…

That’s all true, but Chavez never remotely experienced the long, heavy sanctions and duration of low oil-prices the Maduro administration has faced. Easing up on socialism may see a lifting of sanctions. Unfortunately, it will mean that the poor will lose power, which is the whole point of the sanctions in the first place.

The neoliberal plutocrats of the world always do their most to make it a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation for those struggling to help the poor.

Venezuela’s Economy Under Siege: A Conversation with Luis Salas

Krystal Ball: Biden backs Venezuelan coup, showing how Neocons ALWAYS win

Joe Biden, the neocon/neolib in sheep’s clothing, called Julian Assange a hi-tech terrorist. What’s the truth?

UN Rapporteur Nils Melzer: Julian Assange is NOT a Terrorist, He Has Exposed Acts of Terror!


The long-run capitalist economic crisis that started with the end of the long boom, and which is now intensifying with the current COVID-19 pandemic, is prompting a more aggressive orientation by both state actors and individual capitalists.

… lays bare the class struggle.

Capitalism’s accumulation crisis prompts attacks on wages and organised labour

Recreational Pot Laws May Boost Traffic Deaths, Studies Say

The following article makes the major mistakes of 1) mistaking association with causality and 2) using a too-narrow time frame.

Some Data-driven Questions About ‘Excess Deaths’ For Lockdown Apologists

How many more people would have died had there been no lockdowns? Lock downs were late. Deaths dropped off after lockdowns had time to work (while incubation periods where still ongoing). Compare the areas with lockdowns to those with none. There has been a higher percentage of deaths where there haven’t been lockdowns.

Chris Kennedy, CISO at AttackIQ, largely agrees that the scale of the operational disruption could come to have a significant impact on Honda, pointing out his belief that the company should pay closer attention to segmenting its networks going forward.

“The fact that the ransomware affected global operations, inclusive of factory operations, is an indicator their network may not be segmented and isolated in a way to prevent ‘jumps’ between different business functions,” explained Kennedy, pointing out that manufacturers tend to “isolate the technology systems that build stuff to protect them from attacks like this”.

“One department getting hit with ransomware should not impact other core business processes,” he pointed out to this end.

Honda Ransomware Attack a Lesson in Segmentation – CPO Magazine

Truth and justice:

Finkelstein: Israel will pretend that illegal annexation is a compromise

Pushback with Aaron Maté

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has set a date of July 1st to begin Israel’s annexation of major parts of the Occupied West Bank. A group of 47 independent UN legal experts call the annexation plan “a vision of a 21st century apartheid.”

Author and scholar Norman Finkelstein argues that Netanyahu is exploiting a brief window of opportunity under Trump and will use the deadline to swallow up valuable West Bank while pretending to be making a compromise because he does not seize the entire territory.

“If there were an an Oscar for Best Dramatic Performance by a Nation-State, Israel would win hands down every year,” Finkelstein says. “And so they will manage to turn this illegal annexation, which will enable Israel to appropriate some of the best farmland, agricultural land in the Occupied Territories, that will preclude the possibility of a Palestinian state — they’ll manage to turn it into another agonizing, gut-wrenching compromise. I could write the script.”

Guest: Norman Finkelstein, author and scholar. His latest book is “I Accuse! : Herewith A Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt That ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda Whitewashed Israel.”

I acknowledge I’ve had a strong tendency to tell people that the only thing holding us back is that we don’t collectively insist. Norman knows it’s true but works hard to remain realistic about just how difficult it is to get everyone to stand up together and demand truth and justice without compromise.

What will flip the switch? People get informed but tell themselves it will never work, which is exactly why it doesn’t. Quitting saying it won’t work is the first step in making it work.