Usher’s News & Analysis for June 24, 2020

Health and safety issue:

Local officials crack down on illegal fireworks use

Palestine is Israel because might makes right … if you’re a thug.

Cruz urges Trump to support Israeli annexation

Xi and his cronies demand that the Chinese Communist Party, which is socialist in name only, be held supreme over everything else.

Hong Kong pastors face arrest, extradition to China with new security laws: watchdog

People are so hellbent on the Cold War with Russia. They have the exact same mindset as those who didn’t want to end the first Cold War.

The Daily 202: Trump faces mounting GOP blowback over order to pull troops out of Germany

I agree with this decision.

Police officer involved in Breonna Taylor shooting fired over ‘extreme indifference to the value of human life’

I don’t think people should care to keep the old name.

Rhode Island moves to change state’s official name due to slavery connotations

One should not accuse Obama of treason for what he did regarding Trump and Russiagate without having hard evidence. Obama’s publicly known actions are still ambiguous. Trump may think Obama committed treason for it, but he shouldn’t say Obama DID. Trump could have said that Obama may have. Even that would be quite an eyebrow-raising statement for a current President to make about a former one. It should never be done lightly.

However, the pattern of the entirety of Russiagate shows treason in the broad sense on the part of those who started it and furthered it on and on and on against known proof to the contrary or the known lack of evidence.

Trump may think Obama should have known there was no basis, and I agree he should have; but, not knowing is not treason, per se. Trump would have to prove Obama knew there was no basis, no evidence.

Obama could plead ignorance, which would be an admission of stupidity what with the importance of the issue and his position at the time requiring him to protect the country no matter whose toes within the executive branch he might have had to step on to do it: the justice department, etc.

Republican senators refuse to back Trump’s ‘treason’ claim against Obama

Middle school principal Jamaal Bowman is very likely headed to Capitol Hill after unseating New York’s longest-serving Congress member, Rep. Eliot Engel, in the state’s June primary elections.

Bowman, 44, mounted an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-like campaign to unseat Engel, 73, in New York’s 16th Congressional District. Recruited by Justice Democrats to run in 2019, he consolidated progressive support at the national and local levels, picking up endorsements from figures such as Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams. The Democratic establishment rallied behind Engel, who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, to try to help save his seat but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Will Bowman remain true to his campaign platform? It’s always THE question concerning insurgent “progressives.” Just how progressive is he? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Middle school principal Jamaal Bowman unseats Eliot Engel in New York

Wow! Chauvin will be found guilty and won’t get leniency.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo says the death of George Floyd was “murder” and that the officer who was seen pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck “knew what he was doing” because he had taken specific training on preventing “positional asphyxiation,” or suffocation.

“Mr. George Floyd’s tragic death was not due to a lack of training — the training was there. Chauvin knew what he was doing,” Arradondo said in a statement.
“The officers knew what was happening — one intentionally caused it and the others failed to prevent it. This was murder — it wasn’t a lack of training,” Arradondo said.

George Floyd’s death was ‘murder’ and the accused officer ‘knew what he was doing,’ Minneapolis police chief says

Good decision:

Crews Begin Removing John C. Calhoun Statue In South Carolina

Good for the Baptists.

“While some may see the current flag as a celebration of heritage, a significant portion of our state sees it as a relic of racism and a symbol of hatred,” the Baptist group said in a statement. “The racial overtones of this flag’s appearance make this discussion a moral issue.”

Two big Mississippi forces, Baptists and Walmart, slam state flag

Some people think a hate-crime law means hate is illegal. However, it’s committing a crime because of hate against a “protected” class that’s the hate crime.

Georgia legislature approves hate crime bill

Measures designed to support solar and other renewables in the US have been proposed within a landmark US$1.5 trillion infrastructure investment Bill, tabled by House Democrats.

The ‘Moving Forward Act’ itself started life as the INVEST in America Act, a US$500 billion bill intended to support redevelopment of America’s highways. However House Democrats have now merged it and other legislation to create a mammoth, US$1.5 trillion infrastructure package to boost the nation’s economy.

Solar supports included within ‘landmark’, US$1.5trn US infrastructure Bill

This is ingenious.

At the end of this diving board, the team placed a tiny ceramic crystal containing a specific type of impurity, ytterbium ions. When the team focused an infrared laser beam at the crystal, the impurities absorbed a small amount of energy from the crystal, causing it to glow in light that is shorter in wavelength than the laser color that excited it. This “blueshift glow” effect cooled the ceramic crystal and the semiconductor nanoribbon it was attached to.

Laser allows solid-state refrigeration of a semiconductor material

Damned plastics!

As concern grows among environmentalists and consumers about micro- and nanoplastics in the oceans and in seafood, they are increasingly studied in marine environments. But little was known about nanoplastics in agricultural soils. Researchers now have direct evidence that nanoplastics are internalized by terrestrial plants.

Nanoplastics accumulate in land-plant tissues

… the aerobic exercise group experienced a collective 47-percent boost in certain memory scores.

Certain exercises linked to improved blood flow in key brain regions


The Dangerous Ideological Bias of Economists

“We do not publish papers about our own profession.” – Top Five Journal

Economists claim they are not biased or ideological, but research by economist Mohsen Javdani tells another story. Javdani discovered that 82% of economists claim that statements and arguments should be evaluated on the content only, but the results of the study show the exact opposite. Javdani also learned that female economists are 40% less biased than their male counterparts. It’s time economists learn to recognize their own biases.