Usher’s News & Analysis for June 27, 2020

Contrary to the claims of remarkable efficacy and safety of paroxetine touted by GlaxoSmithKline and its academic co-conspirators, the study’s end result was that Study 329 was negative for efficacy and positive for harm, especially drug-induced suicidality, a conclusion reinforced by a 2004 FDA Black Box Warning.

A Book Review—Children of the Cure: Missing Data, Lost Lives and Antidepressants

Android Instant Apps

Are the apps safe?

The very concept of running something without installation sounds a little suspicious. The usual rules of digital hygiene state that before installing anything, you should do some due diligence: research the developer’s reputation, read user reviews, and scan the downloaded file with antivirus software at the very minimum.

Instant launch contradicts that common wisdom. What if the app is dangerous? Sure, you download mini apps from the same app store as their full versions, but that’s no guarantee everything’s on the up and up. Google Play is no stranger to malicious apps and Trojans.

The potential danger should not surprise you; app stores are teeming with millions of apps that get updated regularly, and a common practice among cybercriminals is to upload a clean app and then update it with malicious features. Even powerhouses such as Apple and Google don’t have the resources to go over such a vast number of programs with a fine-tooth comb.

There’s another problem. For Instant Apps to work, certain launch mechanisms are used to bypass the standard installation procedure. Cybercriminals can exploit flaws in these mechanisms. In December 2019, at the Chaos Communication Congress hacker conference, Chinese security researcher RonnyXing presented a report examining several practical ways to attack instant apps.
He showed that they are vulnerable to information leakage, identity theft, account hijacking, and other unpleasant things. According to RonnyXing, up to 60% of Android devices are prone to this type of attack.

What are App Clips and Instant Apps?

… Minnesota and DC lawsuits focus on consumer protection.

District of Columbia Sues 4 Oil Majors for Misleading Consumers on Climate Change

Plagued Retail: My View from the Trenches, by John McNellis

Personal stimulus should have been at least three times more. It should also be continuous and pegged to the growth curve before COVID-19 kicked in so that we’ll get back to where we would have been and stay on that trajectory at the very least. If you’ll recall, I first called for $15T in overall stimulus and then revised that up to $20T. I still stand by it.

The May bounce, as magnificent as it was, brought spending back to where it had been in March 2017 and reclaimed only about one-third of the decline since February ….

A Federal-Money-from-the-Sky Story

We called for this immediately after the 2008 crash. Will government finally do it this time? We won’t if the crony capitalists stay in charge.

Sir Mark Rylance: Green New Deal The Answer to Coronavirus Unemployment & Climate Change!

On this episode of Going Underground, we firstly speak to Oscar Award-Winning actor Sir Mark Rylance. He discusses the idea of a National Nature Service which is gaining traction, how Coronavirus joblessness and homelessness can be solved together, comparisons of today’s situation and FDR’s America, the link between nutrition and pandemic fatality rates, fossil fuel companies and greenwashing, the need for wealth distribution, the roots of a Green New Deal in FDR’s America and more!

Big polluters loving COVID pandemic

Big polluters like the fossil fuel and plastics industries have been loving the coronavirus pandemic.

While you were Netflix and chilling, these nefarious *cough*, innovative corporations have been lobbying for government bailouts and tax relief. Their major aim though, is to row back on legislation, and go back to the way it was in the diesel-loving good ol’ days, before Greta and the woke brigade decided to save the turtles. And the global pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis, has given the dirty industries just the chance!

How local politicians are responding to defund the police

Councilmember At-Large of Montgomery County, Maryland Will Jawando explains why he embraces the defund the police movement through a reallocation of funds to education and social services.

Gold Medal XIII Moscow Ballet competition 2017 EVELINA GODUNOVA

Ballet Don Quixote
Kitri 3rd Act Variation